Sisel Australia Corporate Events

Sisel Australia Corporate Events. Sisel’s Executive Staff to Tour Australia.

Sisel International is both pleased and excited about the recent expansion into the land down.

Sisel are going to be supporting Australia’s monumental growth with the entire Executive Staff.

Three tours are planned and ready to be announced!

Tom Mower’s February tour was a great success and as many people know Tom Mower Senior had phenomenal success in Australia with his previous company.

Aaron Rennert, Vice President, Worldwide Sales is delighted with Australia’s growth.

“We are so impressed with the commitment, energy and passion that our Australian Distributors have displayed,” said Aaron Rennert, Vice President of Worldwide Sales. “ The Mower Mission, of no harmful ingredients, that Tom Mower Senior started over 30 years ago is alive, well and more important than ever to the health, wealth and happiness of the Australian market!

We couldn’t be happier about the success being demonstrated by the great leaders in Australia.”

Sisel Australia

Sisel Australia

Coming Sisel Corporate Events for Australia


Fabian Loso, Director of North American Sales, will be coming to Australia! Fabian has been with Sisel nearly 5 years and his passion for the Mower Mission is evident in everything he does. Fabian’s knowledge of products is a major asset and he is a compensation guru as well. This will be a great opportunity for you and your teams to continue to build your foundation of knowledge. The dates are as follows and the venues are to be determined (we will update immediately when we have venues):

  • Friday April 29th:            Evening Show in Sydney
  • Saturday April 30th:       Training in Sydney
  • Monday May 2nd:           Evening Show in Melbourne
  • Wednesday May 4th:     Evening Show in Adelaide
  • Friday May 6th:               Evening Show in Perth
  • Monday May 9th:            Evening Show in Gold Coast
  • Tuesday May 10th:         Evening Training in Gold Coast  

Tom Mower Junior, CEO and Co-Founder, and Leisel Mower, Director of Beauty and Skin Care, are planning a tour through Australia. We are working on dates and venues for that tour as well and they are both extremely excited about the opportunity to visit their friends and acquaintances.

Aaron Rennert, Vice President, Worldwide Sales, will be touring and bringing with him his passion for this company and the Mowers. He has often been called the Chief Ambassador to the Mowers! He looks forward to spending time with each one of our great partners in Australia and working with both existing and new prospects on the opportunity while teaching and training the distributors!

Last Updated on April 9, 2016 by Katie Sisel Distributor