Sisel Training

When becoming a distributor for Sisel, you will likely need support and training to excel. With such a great product range available, you will feel excited by the success you can achieve from loyal product users. Why? Because the products work so well!

If you would like to earn $500-$1000 per month or a career income of $100,000 plus we have support and training available. Would you like to take your Sisel distribution to the next level?

Siselers Connect is the most successful Sisel Sales team in Australia. We have developed our own website with step by step training solutions. If you are a Sisel distributor, you can access our great training tools here. With the secrets to our success available, what are you waiting for?

The Cornerstone of Our Success: Curt

One thing that sets us apart from other Sisel sales networks is the phenomenal knowledge and expertise that Curt contributes to Siselers Connect.

With decades of age reversal experience and a continued hunger to expand his knowledge, he is always on hand to help Sisel distributors with any questions they may have.

From the Products to the Compensation Plan, Curt is a dedicated and enthusiastic expert.

Book a free online consultation with Dr. Curt. Free (click here). Consultations are for existing team members or new customers thinking about trying the products. Please feel free to reach out and connect with Dr. Curt.

Sisel Training Days Online Training

Aside from specific training events that are advertised here, we have Sisel International training for our team *(using Zoom) and prospective members. Training operates on the following days in the following regions :

  • Melbourne, AUS — Saturday & Monday
  • Sydney, AUS – Saturday & Monday
  • Adelaide, AUS – Saturday & Monday
  • Brisbane, AUS — Saturday & Monday
  • Perth, AUS — Saturday & Monday
  • Fargo, ND, USA — Friday night & Monday
  • Salt Lake City, UT, USA — Friday night & Monday

Our Team Leaders also run monthly events in each state, WA, SA, VIC, QLD, NSW.

For the exact topics, times and how to get involved with these intuitive webinars please email me at

Sisel training mentioned above is only available to Sisel Distributors and prospective team members for our team. If you’re not already registered, find out more about becoming a Sisel Distributor and sign up today.

For more distributor information, don’t forget to check out and meet other like-minded and passionate distributors with a keen eye for success.

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