Benefits of a whole house filter:

There are many benefits you can expect when using a whole house filter throughout your home.  Some of these include;

  • Improves cleaning
    If your whole house filter creates wetter water this improves the effectiveness of soap, washing powder and detergents. This aids in cleaning of surfaces and helps the environment by reducing phosphate loads.

    “The water produced from our recommened whole house filter has many proven attributes that give us a significant edge over other competitive filters. … cleaning, cooking, plant growth, odour control etc… We know these features exist from our own testing and many customer testimonials…”
  • Longer Clothes Life
    Reducing chlorine, a bleach, helps prevent the premature fading of colours on your favourite garments.
  • Healthier Gardens & Plants
    Using a whole house filter means you can water your plants. Our recommended filter has been consistently shown to improve the growth rate of plants. Your garden will spring to life as filtered water improves root growth, reduced fertiliser requirements and greatly reduces the need chemical fungicides.  Healthier plants and a healthier environment.

    “Our recommended whole house filter has shows that all water is not the same. We have seen significant increases in the growth and health of plants irrigated in this water. The plants are also showing an amazing resistance to fungus – something that is beyond our current understanding.”
  • Prevents Staining
    Reducing soluble iron helps to prevent the unsightly staining of household surfaces and garments with iron rust.

In addition to the benefits of having a whole house filter in your home our recommended filter offers superior economy.

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Can your whole house filter do this?
Water before being filtered:

Water after being filtered:

Imagine being able to experience water exactly the way nature intended, just as if it came straight out of natural mountain spring. You can enjoy this quality of water in the comfort of your own home with one of the most widely endorsed and recommended whole house filters of all time…

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