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Where is Sisel’s Fucoydon found?

FuCoyDon’s base ingredient is Limu Moui (containing the key ingredient Fucoidan), the superfood of the sea!

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Scientific studies have proven that the nutritional value of the sea vegetable Limu Moui is packed with life-extending nutritional elements (including Fucoidan) that have added years to the Pacific Islanders’ lives that have consumed it for centuries.

Sisel’s FuCoyDon (containing Fucoidan)  is made from Limu Moui (fucoidan is the active ingredient).

Fucoidan found in a plant,  a sea vegetable and it comes from Limu Moui.  It is found off the island of Tunga, Japan and also Hawaii. The world’s best fucoidan and most potent, most concentrated is found in Limu Moui is found off the coast of Tonga.

Fucoidan is a component of Limu Moi. The Limu Moi (which you can google), is a power packed sea vegetable that’s been eaten for thousands of years in these coastal areas it has great nutritive value these remarkable plants are used to regenerate and increase well-being in people in these areas. *

Go to, the national institute of health site where all medical scientific studies are published.  You will find many different studies on fucoidan.

Those who regularly include this food in their diet enjoy sustained levels of health, so it just makes sense to include this as part of your diet.*

Tom Mower co-founder of Sisel actually heard about the most pristine wonderful Limu Moi (key ingredient is Fucoidan) that was found in Tonga. He went to Tonga and he met with the king. He arranged to purchase all of the seaweed Limu Moui that they had there in Tonga and then have it shipped back to Sisel’s Manufacturing Plant and cryogenic-ally freeze it for the production of Sisel’s Fucoydon.

Fucoydon by Sisel International


Fucoydon Ingredients

Fucoydon Ingredients

What makes Fucoidan in Sisel’s Fucoydon so good?

Most companies, specifically those that deliver it through a liquid formulation like SISEL does, have very low concentrations of actives. In comparison of the actives, one company has about 1.34% and another has about 1.67% active particulate fucoidan or limu moui. SISEL is over-saturated at about 35%. Then with Sisel’s patented process, which the Mowers won the Genius of the Year Award for their patents on this product, the sulfonization of the molecules takes it up an additional 10X, then with our patented compound to give it greater absorption which then takes it to about 8X higher than any competitor in the market! Anything else is insignificant to what the Mowers have formulated. It really comes down to a couple of factors:

The Mowers designed, engineered and invested $3.5 million USD on one of the most important parts of the process and that is the Spray Dryer. This allows the wet material to be broken down into a fine powder so it’s uptake in the body is bio-available and actively utilized. We can add more material to the formula and then the patented process is what creates the most efficacious product available. For every 50 lbs of fucoidan, we only yield about 5 lbs of the highest, most efficacious material available.

The Mowers have sourced their fucoidan from the most pristine part of the world, Tonga, which is far from shipping lanes and pollutants. Tonga’s proximity to the sun is also assumed to be the reason why the strength of the fucoidan that comes from there is known to be the most powerful fucoidan in the world.

Sisel will only use the U, F and G molecular strains which trigger different biological functions within the body. Most other companies use only one of the above, U or F or G. *

The patented process of sulfonating the molecules is one of the most important processes to create the most efficacious fucoidan on the market. Traditionally, only one out of the 7 molecules is sulfonated, meaning 6 aren’t biologically utilized by the body. The body can only absorb the nutritional value through sulfonated molecules. The reason the patented process is so important is that nobody can create or duplicate the process of sulfonating the molecules. This gives us up to 10 times the power of any fucoidan on the market.

The patented compound for absorption is the other factor that makes it about 8X more efficacious. The body has a difficult time absorbing fucoidan, but Tom Mower Sr identified a compound that would make it 8X more absorbable than a raw fucoidan.

Kagoshima has the leading professor/researcher on fucoidan and he said we have the most effective and powerful fucoidan on the market, even though he has a product that sells for $800 USD/month. He couldn’t understand how Tom Mower Sr could sell a better product for around $60 USD? Tom went through his patented processes and the doctor was astounded at the science and research that Mr. Mower had been able to solve and create a formula that was better than his!

Trust the Science. Trust SISEL. Trust the Mowers.

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Sisel Fucoydon

5 Reasons to Drink Sisel’s FuCoyDon (containing the powerful active ingredient fucoidan)

  1. Everyone who has tried FuCoyDon (containing fucoidan) loved it! They thrive on the way FuCoyDon wakes up their energy center and gets their body going in the morning, or recharges it in the afternoon. They also tell us how much they like the flavor and texture of Sisel’s Fucoydon.*
  2. FuCoyDon helps your cells regenerate. The potent formulation Sisel uses to make FuCoyDon provides the cellular nutrition your body needs to keep your cells healthy. And healthy cells regenerate at a much better rate than unhealthy ones.*
  3. FuCoyDon helps your immune system. The healthy ingredients used in our formulation help your body’s immune system to operate at peak performance levels.*
  4.  FuCoyDon helps with digestion. Users regularly write to share how a shot of FuCoyDon after meals helps their digestive systems work better and more efficiently.*
  5. FuCoyDon supports healthier and happier livers. The all-natural ingredients combine to help your liver function at it’s best. And a better liver means a healthier body.*

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