Your calcium supplement could contain lead according to researchers

Lead Found in Calcium Supplements

“People who take calcium supplements usually hope to build strong bones, not heavy metals.

But that’s exactly what may be happening, according to a team of researchers who found traces of lead in several calcium supplements currently on grocery and pharmacy shelves……

This is of special concern for those who may take calcium in high amounts, such as those on dialysis who need extra calcium and women battling osteoporosis.”


(Tom Mower June 7  Public Facbeook Post shared)

“NEED Calcium YES! LEAD NO!!! But you could get twice as much Lead as you do Calcium in the supplement you take!

When you take a calcium supplement, especially young growing children, “young girls in particular”, and is so critical for adult women too; you are very likely to absorb “twice as much lead” as you do Calcium.

Understand LEAD is not listed on the label but you can pretty well be sure it is there, in many if not most products you use, if you are taking a Calcium supplement.

LEAD has an affinity for Calcium and they occur together in nature as Lead binds to Calcium naturally.

What makes Sisel’s Calcium K2 the best calcium supplement?

Sisel CalciumK2, is “Lead Free” … and “it’s more than just Calcium” … a whole lot more!

Calcium normally is only about 3-4% absorb-able. An average woman needs 1,000 to 1,500 mg of Calcium a day.

At that ratio if you took 2 large 500 mg tablets for Calcium from another company, it might mean you only received 40 mg of Calcium that you absorbed. To get the amount you needed, might require you to take 50 to 75 Calcium tablets to absorb what you need….as a minimum daily amount!

BUT the Calcium used in Sisel’s CalciumK2 product is much more. It could have up to a bio-availability of over 90% &… it is in balance with 6 other major minerals…all-needed-for bone.

If you take Calcium by itself, (besides very likely contaminating your brain and body with lead) you put your minerals out of balance. Magnesium is deficient and energy levels could go way down.

Sisel has put all of them together in the ratio it occurs in nature, “Lead Free” and then supercharges the formulation with the seemingly miracle Vitamin K2 (yes it has Vitamin D3 too but compared to improving Calcium absorption it is like roller skating in a race next to someone in a Ferrari…)

Sisel CalciumK2 is the supreme formula, we believe in the entire world today. Maximizing the potential is what Sisel tries to do and I believe we have done it like no other company in the world.

My advice, AVOID LEAD …and get Calcium instead! With Sisel’s’ revolutionary formula for Calcium also containing all the 6 major minerals needed for bone, it what is very likely the most bioavailable, most effective and the safest formula in existence today.

Read the following article about Lead poisoning. Then understand every time you take a Calcium supplement you may be adding Lead to your brain and body… It is shocking but you do not have to because Sisel Safe is our mission and when it comes to Calcium, there is a lot more to the story than just taking Calcium, as you now can see.”

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Lead Poisoning: A Doctor’s Lifelong Crusade to Save Children from It


Dr. Herbert Needleman is on his way to see a 3-year-old patient at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Needleman’s a young doctor.

This is the first case of lead poisoning he’s ever seen. And when he shows up, the girl is not in good shape. “This girl was lethargic and almost comatose,” Needleman treats the girl for lead poisoning, and she starts to feel better. So he talks to the girl’s mother. He tells her that her daughter is OK, but she was probably poisoned by lead paint or dust at home, and they can’t go back there.

“The mother just looked at him and said, ‘Well where am I supposed to go?’ “She didn’t have any money, she was a single mother, and suddenly Needleman says it’s like the scales fell from his eyes.”

This patient marked the beginning of a lifelong crusade for Needleman. He went on to make a huge discovery that changed the way we think about the dangers of lead.

Needleman wondered whether the small amounts of lead children were exposed to every day could damage their brains. He did a study using children’s baby teeth to measure their lead levels.

The study found that children “who had high lead in their teeth, but who had never been identified as having any problems with lead, had lower IQ scores, poorer language function, and poorer attention,” Needleman explained in a Bill Moyers documentary that aired on PBS.

“There is a broad consensus that lead is extremely toxic at extremely low doses,” he says. But a lot of children are still exposed to lead, and scientists say no amount of it in the blood has been proven safe.
That’s why, despite all that’s changed, children still show up at the doctor with lead in their blood. And there’s only so much that doctor can do.

Now you know…so you can choose the right calcium supplement for you. Sisel’s Calcium K2 is a product like no other so supplement your bones and dont damage your brain with lead by making the intelligent choice, while you still have the ability to think about it…

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