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Body Shield from Sisel. This study shows some of the science behind this remarkable ingredient fulvic substances:

Radioactive Reactions with Fulvic Substances

According to Szaloy, radioactive elements react with fulvic substances and require only a brief time until equilibrium is reached.

F.W. Pauli stated that the solubility, migration, and accumulation of uranium are influenced by fulvic acids. The fuel discharged from the light water reactors is contaminated with substantial amounts of plutonium and uranium. These ions react with humic compounds at a much more rapid rate than do copper, nickel, lead, or cadmium ions.

Pillai and Mathew agreed that it would not be unrealistic to presume that the geochemical behavior of plutonium and uranium is influenced by fulvic substances. They reported the presence of plutonium in purified organic material extracted from coastal sediments and indicated the possibility of the accumulation of plutonium on organic surfaces because the concentration of plutonium increased over time. As they confirmed that the fulvic organic matter solubilized the plutonium, they discovered that the addition of fulvic organic matter inhibited the hydrolysis and precipitation of the added plutonium. It was further reported that this scenario duplicates the action with uranium and other radioactive elements.

Rashid stated that nuclear reactor wastes contain unused uranium, the basic fuel, and long-lived fission product nuclides and actinides, including plutonium, strontium-90, zirconium-95, iodine-129, cesium-137 and cesium 135, all in abundance. Activated metals such as cobalt-60, iron-59, and manganese-54 also are present in reactor waste. He states that the basic reactions of these materials with fulvic substances are parallel to those of other transition and trace metals.

“Radioactive elements have an affinity for fulvic acids. They form organo-metal complexes of different adsorptive stability and solubility. Uranuim and plutonium are influenced by fulvic substances as are other polluting metals, each being solubilized and absorbed, thereby annihilating that specific radioactivity.”


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Body Shield

Body Shield contains organic fulvic acid, which is loaded with fulvates and trace minerals. The formula is also fortified with Limu Moui and kelp. Researchers believe that organic fulvic acid offers massive support for the body; they theorize that it promotes the healthy function of the body’s own natural processes that support detoxification, cellular cleansing, and nutrient uptake.* Scientists postulate that organic fulvic acid can, like a molecular train, transport nutrients in and take heavy metals out.* The fulvates in Body Shield are potent antioxidant super-scavengers.* In addition, the seaweed extracts support healthy thyroid and immune function!*

Sisel Body Shield

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