Senescent cells a rejuvenation key

Senescent cells seem to be a missing key to age reversal
Scientists have ways to support the immune system and clear away old cells (senescent cells), which could be the key to eternal youth.

Senescent cells seem to be a key to looking and feeling old

Scientists have found that senescent cells may be making you look and feel old.

Do you feel old? Has your body slowed down? Does this bother you? If the answer is yes, then you probably want to know what senescent cells have to to do with cellular rejuvenation.

If an aging human was like a moth eaten shirt, slowly disintegrating. Then rejuvenation would be as simple a replacing the shirt instead of attempting to patch the holes.

However, it seems that thanks to new scientific research, cellular rejuvenation might be possible, blowing the lid off what we thought was possible.

The field, called “senolytics,” studies compounds that might kill senescent cells, which have become dysfunctional due to aging yet, weirdly, refuse to die.

Recent research  published is now suggesting that it may actually be possible and viable to destroy senescent cells to slow the effects of aging.

Mayo Clinic scientists eliminated senescent cells from old mice. The results they saw not only increased the animals’ lifespan it increased their “healthspan.”

This means that that, during their extra years of life they were spry, strong, and healthy, not frail, decrepit, and sick — as is the case with nearly half of people over 85.

According to the Felipe Sierra, director of the National Institute on Aging, “As a concept senolytics is completely valid”. Felipe stated that “a couple of dozen sonolytics have been identified and companies are working on it.  This is a very hot area.”

The problem with senescent cells

The problem with senescent cells is they do not do carry out their job when it comes to the heart, bones, immune system, or elsewhere in the body. By removing these worn out cells the effects of age reversal become apparent in animal studies.

“Sonescent cells also actively pump out inflammatory compounds that both kill young cells and disable progenitor cells that give birth to new cells,” explained Dr. James Kirkland of the Mayo Clinic, who led the research published in Nature Medicine. Ref.

Essentially they interfere with the creation of healthy cells. So this has a two fold effect. Not only do the cells render themselves useless they proactively destroy the production of new cells.

This results in fewer and fewer young and functional cells.

Senescent cells are rare, relatively speaking

Apparently senescent cells are quite rare even in the elderly. They reach their highest proportion about about 8 percent — in the skin. According to the research eliminating them should not leave any organs with too few cells to function. Some people were worried that if you remove senescent cells it might result in dysfunction of organs, but according to the data this is not the case.

In research with mice, Kirkland and his team experimented with adding senescent cells into young and middle aged mice. The number of cells added was small and only represented one-ten-thousandth of the animals total cells. However what was extraordinary the transplanted cells resulted in slow, frail mice within a two week period. In addition it drastically cut their lifespan.

The experimenter also highlight that the senescent cells damage other cells by producing poisons, that attract immune cells that spread these senescence cells to healthy young cells causing prematuring aging.

Clinical trials

Unity has launched a clinical trial of one senolytic, in osteoarthritis. Unity is a company whose mission it is to extend the human healthspan. Unity are developing medicines that potentially halt, slow or reverse age-associated diseases, while restoring human health.

Whats is interesting is the FDA does not count aging as a disease, (yet but we are likely to see that change). Especially since the World Health Organisation has officially declared Aging as a disease.

Nevertheless, at this time, for FDA to approve to any anti-aging drugs, it would have to shown that the drug can treat other diseases.

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