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How long does an Age Reversing Pill take to work?

So your taking a so called Age Reversing Pill. You might be wondering how long until I notice any changes.

This is a common question, particularity for people taking Sisel’s AGE Pill. Dr Curt Ficenec answered the question well here is his words quoted.

“It takes years to get sick. Why does it seem as if people want a nutritional product to get them well in days, weeks, or months? Crazy! The ingredients in the AGE PILL work. Not just on people but every living creature. If you don’t get results in a short time, Don’t get discouraged, trust me, they are working.

Study the ingredients as much as I have and you’ll want everyone in your family including your pets to be taking AGE PILL.

If I go to the restaurant and order chicken strips, sometimes I’ll pull off the breading. Some places have a thick crusty breading, other will have a thinner breading. Similarity some of your cells have a thicker coating of glycation and lipofuscin. Your system can only do so much at a time.

I’d suggest water, healthy fats like fish oil, olive oil and refraining from processed carbs. I’d do a heavy metal detox because these are deposited on the fat that is being removed. I’d exercise to speed up the process. Don’t get frustrated. Don’t get impatient”.

Thanks Curt what great advice. Continue to work on your overall health. Don’t expect a magic pill to fix all your problems.

In conclusion, I agree, yes the testimonials on the AGE Pill are amazing, but it is not a quick fix to well being.

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Last Updated on March 27, 2023 by Katie Sisel Distributor

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