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AGING Toxins - Reduce Toxins in your life
AGING Toxin – Is it time to reduce the toxins in your life? Are you accelerating your aging? New science says YES YOU ARE!

Aging toxins make you old

Aging and toxins will become more widely talked about as time passes. However, finally, it is getting the attention of scientists due to cancer research.

Our goal is to keep healthy for as long as possible. We want to slow or even if possible reverse aging so the question is to ask yourself, Are you taking two steps forward and one step back?

“What will your last ten years look like? Will you be quick enough for a game of tag with your grandchild? Strong enough to embrace every moment? Will you grow old with vitality or get old with disease. It is time to decide. The average person will spend their last ten years in sickness. Change your future. ” Ref

I think this statement gets people thinking. It certainly does for me. Perhaps you can relate to it. You know someone in your family who’s been in that situation.

But if we talk about aging and toxins have you ever wondered why one person can seem markedly older than another person who is within the same age bracket? The answer may be that one person who appears to have aged faster has been exposed to more environmental toxins!

New research concludes that avoiding these toxins may actually be secret to slowing down the aging process.

Gerontogens this is a new term and it’s actually I guess language from gerontologists. They study ageing and looks after people in their older age.So this new, they have come up with the word gerontogens which are environmental agents that can accelerate aging in some animals including humans.

Gerontogens are typically toxic chemical agents such as those found in cigarette smoke as well as other things like ultraviolet radiation, arsenic and other chemicals.

Gerontogens  work in two ways:

They can shorten telomeres. Telomeres protect the caps of your chromosomes, they make up your DNA. So, shortened telomeres which accelerate cell destruction.

As mentioned, telomeres shorten with aging and this process can be accelerated by increased oxidative stress which results in chronic inflammation.

Evidence links telomere length to environmental chemical exposure.

Short telomeres have been frequently associated with chronic disease. When your telomeres get very short as you age and then become too short the cell goes into senescence. This means the cell dies.

Cellular senescence is the process by which the cells permanently stop dividing and senescence accumulate as we get older. Eventually we have so many that we actually stop living.

So let’s clarify what Gerontogens are. They are also considered as Genotoxins. Another easier way to describe them would be chemicals or toxins or other environmental agents that can actually accelerate aging.

Nobody talks about Aging Toxins

Research has definitely been lagging behind aging toxins is not yet considered mainstream.

I mean you don’t go to your doctor’s and when you get there he says “Oh what personal care products have you been using in your bathroom today that have genotoxins or gerontogens. Are you using harmful chemicals in and around the home?”

I mean you won’t ever hear that as a question. It is just not talked about because it hasn’t been accepted by the scientific community, it hasn’t become mainstream by everyone.

Scientists have only become more recently interested in these substances in recent years after learning that many types of chemotherapy and some anti HIV drugs can speed the onset of age-related traits like frailty and mental decline.

Scientist estimate chemotherapy makes you 15 years older. Why? Because it is toxic chemicals. Yes, it is destroying cancer cells but it is also destroying healthy cells.

Don’t wait act now

So the question is are you going to wait until this conversation becomes widespread and is commonly talked about.  Or will you do something about it today?

Below are some articles that will provide you with some more information about chemicals (gerontogens / genotoxins)  that would be wise to avoid.

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