New Skin Serum

new skin serum
New Skin Serum being released by Sisel International for Sisel Australia.

New Skin Serum for Australia

” I was very excited to hear Tom Mower talk about a new skin serum that is being released by Sisel International for the Australian market.

The product is based on the very latest research in skin care and age reversal, youth regeneration.

Below is a transcript from a call Tom Mower Sr, Chief Scientist and Formulator for Sisel International shared this exciting new skin serum.  

I wanted to announce one thing so you’ll be aware of it.

I’m going to do a test market trial because I need before-and-after photos and a number of things like that. I need to make sure the formulation is modified. “

Sisel Australia gets the new skin serum

” I’m going to do it in Australia and start in Australia.

Australia gets a lot of sun. They probably have the worst skin conditions there because of sun UV light all of those types of things.

So I’m going to bring out a product.

I don’t know what to call it yet I am trying to figure out the name.

What it will be like? It will be a skin product, it won’t be like a lotion it will be like a serum. You will have an applicator and you just apply it to anywhere where you’ve got flaws in the skin that you don’t want.

Such as wrinkles,  such as bags. Under the eyes, crow’s feet, crepe skin all of that. You just apply that and then you put something like Transfusium over it. “

Sisel’s Transfusim is being upgraded

Transfusium is having some more major advancements being done.

However this serum will do amazing things.

When you get damage to the skin. It turns on an aging switch and that aging switch causes the skin to start to contract in and you get the crepe skin folds wrinkles folds in it to protect the damaged areas from the environment see.

So that switch is now on. Now that’s how Botox works is it comes in there. It’s a poison of course comes from botulism. They dilute it down so that it is bad for the skin too but it numbs the skin. So that switch cannot be activated and the skin will relax. It also affects negatively the metabolic activity of the of the skin itself. So long-term use of Botox is a horrible thing to do.

So here’s what we’re going to do we’re going to flip the switch that’s that’s on for aging we’re going to turn it off.

So we’re going to turn off the aging switch.  Let me say support the turning off of the aging switch

Support the turning off of the aging switch.  Because the mechanisms are there to do it. It simply needs these types of nutrients to do it to the skin. The skin can do it and we found what we think are the answers with a combination of things. So it’s not going to be just as simple as like a Botox. Numbing it and it falls down.

You flip it you switch it off and it unfolds. Yes we believe you’re going to have that but it’s going to do a lot more than that. We want to do some other things that cause super regeneration, support super regeneration of the skin.

So I’m going to test that here in Australia for a month or two to get some feedback and then when we get the formula perfected because there’s so many things that you look at. Your irregular face how many things you want to touch up.

I’m going to make sure I get them all and there are things like fat and breaking down discoloration all of those sorts of things.  I want to add into it so it’s just not doing one. It’s not just doing a Botox type of effect. It’s doing something that’s really significant and meaningful. So you’ll be seeing that coming out pretty quick.

Doesn’t this take your breath away the products we’ve got what we’re doing.

It is always very exciting to hear Tom Mower talk about product upgrades and new releases. If you would like to listen to more of Tom click below. “

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