Chemical exposure turns hair grey

Toxins in personal care products could be turning your hair grey

Grey hair happens as you age. However, toxins in personal care products could be turning your hair grey. Well, it could definitely be a contributing factor according to scientists. Now that I have your attention, you might want to think twice about the chemicals you are using in and around your home. Obviously, you can’t avoid all toxins. It is virtually impossible.

Radiation in the environment, x rays, microwaves, cell phones and then there is pollution in the air just to name a few. To avoid all genotoxic stressors you would have to live in a bubble. Never the less, a few smart changes in your lifestyle (like switching to a toxin-free brand personal care products) may give you extra years of dark hair.

A solution for grey hair is very close

Fortunately it looks like science is very close to a solution. Perhaps even stopping grey hair once and for all.

Sounds like a bunch of baloney.

Well continue reading to understand this science and discovery.

Genotoxic stress is different to emotional stress

When you think of stress most of us think about our emotional stress. However, there are other types of stress. One that causes health to decline and aging to kick in is genotoxic stress.

“Genotoxic stressors, such as radiation or harsh chemicals, might play a role in the stem cells’ fate, because they’ve been implicated in other signs of aging. According to research done by Nishimura.

She and colleagues at Japan’s Kanazawa University tested the idea in mice, which also gray with age. After exposure to cell-stressing x-rays or chemotherapy drugs, young mice went gray in an unexpected way. More of their melanocyte stem cells matured into color-producing melanocytes, depleting the store of stem cells. Instead of dying or being inactivated, the DNA-damaged cells matured before their time.

Genotoxic stress damages DNA and causes hair to whiten

What this study showed is that genotoxic stress causes damage to cell’s DNA. In turn causes hair to whiten over time.

The life cycles of hair is to grow for several years, then rests for 2 to 3 months before eventually dying and falling out.

In 2004, Emi Nishimura, a dermatologist now with the Tokyo Medical and Dental University in Japan, linked this process to the hair follicle’s melanocyte stem cells.

As a new hair grows, some melanocyte stem cells become melanocytes, which give the strand its color, while others remain stem cells and store pigment for the next generation of hair. The stem cells continually renew themselves and should theoretically last a lifetime. But over time, the stem cells go missing from hair follicles, leaving people with unpigmented, white hair. How the cells go AWOL remained a mystery.

“The mature cells lose their regeneration capabilities,” Nishimura explains. “The mice then can’t produce enough pigment-making cells” and consequently go gray. Moreover, the stressed mice’s gray hairs and the cell populations in their follicles were indistinguishable from those of elderly mice, suggesting that genotoxic stress might drive natural graying as well. ” Reference.

What can I do now for my grey hair?

Ok, so all this science is really interesting how does this relate to humans.

One supplement created by Sisel International, The AGE Pill is getting some great results with grey reduction for many people.

The AGE Pill supports cellular health by supporting the removal of lipofuscin and glycation which clog up the cells with sludge.

Tom Mower explains how the AGE Pill works. We have found it even reduces grey hair for many people. We believe this is due to supporting glycation.

Below is great picture of one gentleman who has been taking the AGE Pill. You can see the difference in hair colour after one year.

Age Pill Review Grey hair reduced significantly. AGE Pill removes Genotoxic stress
The bottom photo is before he started on the AGE Pill. The top photo is one year later. Significant reduction in grey hair.

This is not going to completely address the issue for all people, but it is a bloody good start. Sisel’s Tom Mower has recently announced they will be releasing a new supplement called DaBomb that is based on the most recent science to reduce grey hair and as an added bonus we are told it will address wrinkles too. It tackles damage DNA in a different way.

Sounds exciting. Let’s see what happens.

In the meantime, I will continue to take my AGE Pill and telomere support supplement, TSX. It definitely seems to be keeping new grey sprouts at bay.

Last Updated on March 27, 2023 by Katie Sisel Distributor