Am I getting enough vitamins and minerals?

Am I getting enough vitamins and minerals?

In the video above Katie discusses this topic in detail as well as the things that can contribute to vitamin and mineral deficiency. She also discusses some of her favourite Sisel Products to help support healthy vitamin and mineral levels.  Siselers Connect Team Call 28 May 2022.

Are vitmains and mineral needed for good health?

Vitamins and minerals are crucial nutrients since they play many functions in the body. There’s an equidistant line between getting adequate amounts (which can be healthy) and consuming excessive amounts (which could harm your health). One mineral that can cause harm in excess is iron. Taking too much iron (more than your body needs) can be very harmful to your health. A healthy diet is the best start to getting adequate amounts of minerals and vitamins you require. But is it enough? In what circustamance is it not enough? 

Vital nutrients that nourish your body

Every every day, your body produces muscles, skin and bone. It produces abundant red blood, which carries oxygen and nutrients to distant outposts. It sends nerve signals across many miles of body and brain pathways. It also creates chemical messengers that move from one organ to the next and issue the necessary instructions to aid in the maintenance of your life.

To accomplish it, you body needs certain raw materials. They include esssentila minerals, vitamins and dietary ingredients that your body requires but is unable to manufacture by itself in sufficient quantities.

Minerals and vitamins are thought to be vital nutrients because they work together they fulfill a myriad of functions in our bodies. They can help strengthen the bones and heal injuries and boost the immune system. They also transform food into energy and repair damage to cells.

However, keeping the track of all the minerals and vitamins do could be difficult. If you read enough articles about the subject and your mind may be swept away by the alphabet soup reference to these minerals and minerals, which are usually referred to as its acronyms (such as vitamins B, A C D A, D, E and K to mention the most common).

In the above discussion we mention some of the key nutrients to look out for and ask your doctor to test your levels.  In the video we also discuss the reasons why you should to make sure that you’re taking sufficient amounts of these.

Micronutrients that play an important part in the human body

Minerals and vitamins are commonly known as micronutrients since your body only requires tiny quantities of these. But not getting even these tiny amounts virtually assures you of developing the development of disease. Here are a few instances of illnesses that may be caused by vitamin deficiencies:

  • Scurvy. Old-time sailors learned that going without fresh fruits and vegetables, the main sources of vitamin C – causes the bleeding gums and apathy of scurvy. 
  • blindness. In some developing nations, people are blind due to vitamin A deficiencies.
  • Rickets. A deficiency in vitamin D can lead to the condition known as rickets. It is characterized by weak, soft bones which can cause bones deformities, such as bowing legs. In part, to fight rickets it is believed that the U.S. has fortified milk with vitamin D from the 1930s onwards.

Getting enough nutrients can offer significant benefits. Examples of these benefits include:

  • Bones that are strong. A combination of calcium, vitamin D magnesium, vitamin K and phosphorus, your bones are protected against fractures.
  • prevents the development of birth defects. Taking folic acid supplements before pregnancy can help in preventing spinal and brain problems in the offspring of parents.
  • Healthy teeth. The mineral fluoride is not only beneficial for bone growth but also helps prevent dental cavities from forming or getting worse.

Sisel Products that support healthy levels of vitmains and minerals

My favourite Sisel Products that support the body and can help fill nutritional gaps include:

Just to name a few.

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