Does the AGE Pill work?

How do you know if the AGE Pill is working?

Sometimes, not that often people ask, “How do you know if the AGE Pill is working”. Since some people are sceptical, fair enough, (the product testimonials are pretty remarkable, maybe even some unbelievable) then let’s talk about how you know.

If you start taking the AGE Pill. Seriously, give a good go. Personally, I suggest three months is a decent time.

Yes, I did see improvements that were very noticeable within 30 days but that was on a double dose. The recommended dose is 6 a day, I took 12.

If you are unwell, pregnant or taking medication please consult a health professional before taking this supplement.

Does the AGE Pill work

Ok so you take it for 3 months, whilst you are taking it, pay particular attention to the following.

  • Skin Improvements
  • Sleeping? Many notice better sleep
  • Improved Energy Levels
  • General aches and pains reduced

Many people notice fine lines and wrinkles smooth out. They notice a glow to the skin. It’s called “AGE Pill glow’’. The skin appears more youthful.

Sleep. Many have reported better sleep. So this is obviously a great bonus. Pay attention to any changes or improvements you notice.

Improved energy levels. It feels like you can go and do more things. With increased energy many report they are doing more during there day. Including exercise! So this is something you may experience.

General aches and pains this is a big one. A number of friends reported a general reduction in pain. One friend even said his arthritis was much better, others have mentioned that neuropathy improved or disappeared.

Since we are talking about a natural supplement we need to say the results mentioned above are – probably just a coincidence. Because the AGE Pill has not been clinically tested. Yes, it is still considered safe. However, you can try it and find out how it helps or doesn’t help you.

How would I know for sure if the AGE Pill is working?

The acid test, as they say, would be to take it for 3 months and then stop taking it. After 3 weeks any improvements you noticed since being on it are very likely to reverse. That is what people have reported.

I thought about stopping it. But I am so happy with the results I would cry if saw the effects reverse in myself.

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