Do you get sick more as you get older?

Do you get sick more as you get older?
Do you get sick more as you get older?

Do you get sick more as you get older?

Do you get sick more as you get older? An important question to ask if you want to fight aging and stay healthy for as long as possible.

The reason you get sick more as you get older is because our our cells begin to wear out and toxins accumulate, faster than it can be repaired and removed. This means our bodies are more susceptible to disease as we age. Cellular senescence is one of the aging processes that make up the hallmarks of aging. 

There are other aging processes, such as telomere length, healthy stem cell production, and combating free radical damage just to name a few.

However, senescence is vital to consider if we want to be at our best as we age.

As cells grow older or are damaged, they can enter into a state of senescence. They then dispose of themselves through a self destruct program called apoptosis.

This is a natural safety mechanism that fights cancer and promotes tissue repair. Senescent cells no longer fulfill their roles no support the tissues of which they are apart. 

Instead, they produce the senescence-associated secretory phenotype (SASP). The SASP promotes inflammation, blocks cellular processes, and leads to age related diseases.

The SAPS also encourages nearby cells to become senescent, compounding the problem.

Normally, senescent cells are destroyed by apoptosis and are cleared away by the immune system.

However, as some cells evade apoptosis and the immune system fails with age they accumulate. Therapies that remove senescent cells are called senolytics.

In mouse models, senolytics have been shown to increase lifespan and ameliorate symptoms of age related diseases. It may also be possible to restore the immune system to a youthful state, allowing it to remove senescent cells. 

How Do You Know When It’s Happening?

There’s no specific age at which the immune system decreases.

“It’s like gray hair — it happens for everyone at a different rate,” Rubtsova states. There’s no one test that could identify if you’re immune system may not be working well. “There are certain immune markers we can test for, but it’s not the same as being tested for, say, heart disease,” Glatt states. (Reference WebMD)

This is why it’s crucial to visit your doctor on a regular basis, and seek medical assistance if you become frequently sick or struggling to heal after an accident or illness.

How Can You Stay Healthy?

Keep an eye on your health. If you suffer from diabetes arthritis, or any other condition which affect your body and function, you should follow your doctor’s advice.

Be sure to sleep well. “Research clearly shows that too little sleep — or poor-quality sleep — lowers immunity, even in young healthy people,” claims Gisele Wolf-Klein MD. It is recommended that you sleep at least seven hours of sleep per night. If you are snoring or having difficulty falling asleep or getting to sleep, visit your physician. It is possible that you be suffering from an issue with sleep.

Try to find ways to decrease stress. In time, stress can decrease your immune response. “When you’re constantly worried about something, it takes a toll on your body,” Wolf-Klein states. It could also cause various other issues, including inadequate sleep or a poor diet, both of which can impact your immune system.

Beware of people who are sick. “The truth is, when you’re older, you have to be especially careful about germ exposure, because you’re more likely to become ill, too,” Wolf-Klein states. If you’re around people with contagious illnesses such as colds or flu, try not to touch them too much and make sure you wash your hands frequently.

Make sure you move more often. Exercise moderately keeps you healthy, making you immune systems stronger. Studies suggest that it also helps cells to move more freely and help them perform their work better.

Get your nutrition right. There’s no specific food that can boost your immune system. However, research shows that a varied diet of minerals and vitamins food items (like fresh fruits and vegetables) aids your body toand your immune system to function at its highest. A healthy diet aids in weighing what you ought to be eating be eating, which could reduce burden on the body and boost your immunity.

Don’t smoke. Smoking can weaken the body’s immune system which makes you more prone to infection and illness. Your physician can assist you find out the best ways to stop smoking.

If you are asking what else can I do then Sisel products may be of interest to you. Fortunately, Sisel provide access to an incredible range of products that have especially been designed to fight the effects of aging. These products help fight Senescent Cells and other aging processes. They are available to Sisel Distributors and Customers.

These products would are called A+ products, as noted by Tom Mower. Since we have previously described why we get sick when we are old, then it makes sense to consider all the ways in which we could possibly fight the aging process.

Some of the products that Tom Mower (Chief Sisel Scientist) considers are important as the first line of defense in the war against as we get older are

Sisel H2 Stix

H2 Stix supports the body to fight free radical damage thanks to hydrogen. This product dissolves in water creating hydrogen water. The hydroxyl free radical being on the most harmful to human health. Hydrogen combats this free radical by neutralising it.

Sisel AGE Pill

An incredibly unique product that tackles the signs of aging. People taking the AGE Pill report feeling and looking younger. Myself included. The AGE Pill supports the body to produce healthy stem cells and remove cellular waste (such as lipofuscin and glycation). Cellular waste is key contributing factor to aging.

Sisel Eternity

Sisel Eternity contains Resveratrol. We can’t make claims directly about this product but we can tell you there are many incredible scientific studies that show the power of Resveratrol when it comes to fighting aging. In animal studies, it has shown the ability to turn on the SIRT1 Gene, which is very important if we are to stop or even slow aging.


Sisel TSX stands for Telomere Support Extreme and its power to support health long telomere length is incredible. Telomeres are the tips or caps of a chromosome that hold the genetic blueprint for cells to replicate and repair. Telomere lengthy is directly related to the aging process. Short telomeres are shown to increase the likelihood of disease. When a telomere becomes too short it goes into senescence. So you can see the importance of this product.

So you can now understand why it is important to address cellular senescence and look at the other process that help answer questions about aging and why do we get sick when we get old? Ref

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