Health Wellness and Beauty EVENT by Bev Irwin

Health Wellness and Beauty Event Western Australia (other states to come)

Bev Irwin (Sekulla) was well know in Neways International (Neways Australia) and was part of the Mower Mission from the conception of Images prior to Neways International.

Bev is delighted with the Sisel International range of products and we are lucky to have her as the NEW Sisel Director of Distributor Training and Improvement for Sisel Australia.

Bev will be travelling from State to state across Australia to share the Mower Mission and provide education that is vital to good health.

Sisel Australia Event for WA

We invite you to a Unisex Seminar on Health, Wellness and Beauty

  • Health – Learn how to balance your body
  • Nutrition – the vital musts
  • Lose weight and stay slim
  • Hormonal balancing naturally at any age
  • Beauty Advanced formulations

Training by Sisel Director of Distributor Training and Improvement

Bev Irwin (previously known as Bev Sekulla)

Bev has been personally trained by Tom Mower who has been sharing the Mower Mission for 27 years

Sunday 17th April 2016

Distributors $5 pre registration or $10 on the door GUESTS are FREE

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