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Sisel skin care products are formulated to enrich, moisturise and protect your skin. With anti-aging science and cutting-edge ingredients, these products will soothe your aging skin and leave you looking as young and youthful as you feel!

If the skin care products from Sisel International are no longer available, you can find similar products on this page. You can also try The AGE Pill, the breakthrough product from Sisel and now available with Sisel Australia! It helps rejuvenate your skin as well as your hair, and nails.

If you have any questions or need help ordering products for your country, please contact me via my contact us page!

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Sisel Exfolium

Picture: Sisel Exfolium

The amazing 10 in 1 Exfoliator that will leave you with cleaner, softer skin. It’s incredible ingredients will remove dead skin while leaving your face energized! The total spa experience!

$53 USD Customer Price | $48 USD Distributor Price

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SISEL® Firming Facial Cleanser

Sisel SISEL Firming Facial Cleanser

Picture: Sisel SISEL Firming Facial Cleanser

A rich blend of moisturizers gently lifts dirt, oils, and makeup residues from the face giving it a fresh, clean glow. Free from harsh cleansers like sulfates and other ingredients that irritate, damage your skin’s vitality, and leave soapy residues that clog your pores.

$17 USD Customer Price | $15 USD Distributor Price

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Sisel Rapid Repair Night Cream

Rapid Repair Night Cream

Picture: Rapid Repair Night Cream

Sisel® Rapid Repair Night Cream is not a sunblock or sunscreen.
Rapid Repair is a rich replenishing and moisturizing cream designed to
work as you sleep. It contains powerful antioxidants (especially ergothioneine) that have the potential to intercept oxidation as it occurs
and before it can penetrate deeper or cause permanent damage.*

Sisel has found a way to support stabilizing resveratrol so it can be
released on demand and immediately neutralize oxidation.* Stabilized, oil-soluble Vitamin C is another effective antioxidant, but its
primary role is to replenish the support needs of the collagen in the
skin so it stays beautiful, supple, vital, and vibrant—and you don’t
lose elasticity. Our formula also features resveratrol with a youthful
appearance and anti-aging effects.*

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

$64 USD Customer Price | $58 USD Distributor Price

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Transfusium Anti-Aging Cream

Transfusium Sisel International

Picture: Transfusium Wrinkle Serum

Transfusium™ helps combat that by utilizing over 24 highly active ingredients that soothe, nourish and enhance your skin cells. With additional equol and telomere support, Transfusium™ gives you youthful beautiful looking skin.

$99 USD Customer Price | $90 USD Distributor Price

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Skin Du Moisturizing Mist

Sisel Skin Du Mist

Sisel Skin Du Mist

The main ingredient in SkinDu Mist is hyaluronic acid! SkinDu Mist as the name applies is a mist and it is applied to the skin via a spray pump.

After applying it to the skin you gently massage it in. SkinDu Mist is perfect for all skin types from Dry skin to Oily and even skin that is Acne Prone.

$24 USD Customer Price | $21 USD Distributor Price


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Actify 6000™ Face & Neck Cream

Picture: Sisel Actify 6000 Face & Neck Cream

Picture: Sisel Actify 6000 Face & Neck Cream

Revolutionary ingredients deeply moisturize the face up to 6,000 percent in vitro that link up within the skin’s own replenishing structures. Powerful antioxidants for sunlight keep the face free from environmental stress.

$39 USD Customer Price | $35 USD Distributor Price

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Water Lilly Jasmine Hand Cream

Sisel’s new water lily Jasmine hand and body body lotion. Pamper your skin. Silky blend is made from the highest quality ingredients that soften, moisturize and soothe skin exposed to daily environmental conditions. A main ingredient in water lily Jasmine hand and body lotion is shea butter oil which is extracted from the shea fruit tree. This is an excellent emollient for dry skin.

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