Fucoydon a Gift from the Sea

Fucoydon a Gift from the Sea

9 January 2021. By Katie Larking

In 1988, Tom Mower Sr was introduced to an amazing ingredient that was said to have myriad health benefits after using this ingredient for a few weeks he started feeling more awake more refreshed and more energetic. Throughout the day he knew he had something special on his hands tom’s search for the source of this ingredient landed him in tonga where he discovered it to be for fucoidan harvested from limu moi brown seaweed in
the pristine island waters of the south sea. This lead to the creation of Fucodyon.

Fucoidan is a power-packed supernutrient that has been used for centuries for its regenerative properties. The name limu moi comes from polynesian culture and is tied to one of their mythical demigods maui, maori or moy who stole fire from the other gods and gave it to humans so they could thrive.

Now the word moy has come to convey the concept of light and life the idea of health and mind body and spirit. When Tom was told that producing a useful fucoidan solution would be a prohibitively expensive endeavour he was undeterred by the challenge and was intent on tapping the incredible potential of this miracle ingredient.

After years of research and development the Mower’s created a patented process to sulfonate all eight molecules of the fucoidan breed making it highly effective concentrated and bioavailable. Most Fucoidan breeds have only one of the eight molecules. To perfect the sulfonated process Sisel
invested over 3.5 million dollars constructing the only limu moi spray
dryer in the world.

Sisel uses a unique species of complex seaweed from tonga that contains all three of the most beneficial types of Fucoidan. U, F and G . To ensure a pure high quality broad spectrum rich supply of this fucoidan Sisel signed an exclusive contract with the king of Tonga that allowed Sisel to farm this nutrient-rich ingredient directly from the source. Every system in the body is dependent on a foundation of specialized cells. These cells are inherently able to expel toxins support regeneration and repair themselves.

However as they age a lack of proper nutrients, pollution, exposure to harmful chemicals and genetic mutations all combined to interfere with normal cell functions.

Fucoidan dynamically supports normal liver function healthy, immune system activity, circulatory function, stable neurological systems, energy production and cell metabolism and digestive health. Fucoidan’s many health promoting properties have been thoroughly studied by the scientific community. As a matter of fact limu moy or fucoidan alone has over 2 000 studies featuring proven research on its benefits. Thanks to Sisel you don’t have to travel halfway around the world to enjoy this gift of health from the sea. (Reference, Transcript from Video above).

No claims found on our web pages or in print have been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. This article is a discussion about the ingredient fucoidan and not specifically fucoydon.

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