Best Fucoidan Brand

So why do Sisel product user’s believe Sisel’s Fucoydon to be the best Fucoidan brand on the market?

Let’s begin by clarifying what Fucoidan is, and then compare the differences. Before we get started Fucoydon, we spell our product Fucoydon, but the actual term, the scientific way of spelling is Fucoidan.

Fucoydon is spelled like this because it is Sisel’s trade name.

What is Fucoidan?

Fucoidan is a natural substance that’s found in brown seaweed, so studies show that if you ingest the substance fucoidan on a daily basis, it is going to have a lot of health benefits.

If you say well I am going to go out and harvest my own seaweed, only 2 % is biologically active.

So that means if you go out and you grab ten pounds you’re only gonna have two pounds that could be biologically active. And how active is it?

It’s just really not practical. Pounds and pounds of seaweed in order to get an effective daily dose.

Best Fucoidan Brand

Best Fucoidan brand

Most fucoidan or Limu Moui as it’s called some places brown seaweed or sizzle Fucoydon, with Y what’s the difference between them.  Which is the best Fucoidan brand?

Sisel’s Fucoydon uses a 33 percent concentrate, others on the market are only using a 1.3-1.6 percent concentrate.

So you can see we’ve got a lot more effective product just based on that.

We go further than that. In most fucoidan, they only have one out of seven molecules sulfonated. That means that basically, six are unused and usable by the body.

So Tom Mower Sr, has patented a process. He figured out how to sulfonate and activate all seven of the fucoidan molecules. So Sisel’s fucoidan is the most efficacious product of its kind on the market.

People have tried to buy the patent from Sisel, they have tried to get  Tom to let them use the patent. He said “No”.

So that’s good for us we’ve got the most effective fucoidan product on the market. Tom’s got hundreds of patents on Fucoydon and he’s actually received two genius awards for his work on Fucoydon.  Pretty Amazing, when you start looking at this product.

Since we cannot make any claims, it is important to do your own research on fucoidan and check out the research.

I feel convinced Fucydon is the best Fucoidan brand on the market.

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5 reasons to drink Sisel's Fucoydon

5 reasons to drink Sisel’s Fucoydon

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