To better understand glycation we can use the following analogy; Ever wonder how that bowl of steel cut oats gets broken down and converted into something your body can use? It’s a little more complicated than “Chew, swallow and that’s that.” Everything your body consumes goes through a highly complex series of processes before it finally becomes usable. Without getting too technical, the body breaks down carbs into sugars which are then used to fuel our day-to-day activities.

So How Does Glycation work?

During these processes and particularly as we get older, our body’s ability to efficiently break down these sugars lessens, creating harmful byproducts (molecules). This is called glycation. These molecules then attach themselves to the proteins performing the processes our bodies need to function. Naturally, we aren’t performing at peak efficiency with all this molecular baggage. This interference leaves a harmful residue known as glycation end products that inhibit our proteins from functioning properly.

Effects of Glycation Age Pill Sisel

What does Glycation do to me?

Glycation is present in everyone, though it varies in degree. The process is singular, however, in its ability to pose a threat to crucial cells and molecules. Everything from DNA to stem cells can be damaged by the harmful effects of glycation. This constant degeneration of cells over time is considered to be one of the causes of aging.

In summary this is important because..

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