Health benefits of fucoidan on cholesterol

Studies show health benefits of fucoidan on cholesterol

Fucoidan has been linked to providing support for the body’s battle against cholesterol, including the processing and elimination of LDL cholesterol.

There are over 1400 studies on PubMed about fucoidan and health benefits. There are currently 42 studies on PubMed about fucoidan and cholesterol. Discover  fucodian’s health benefits by searching “fucoidan’ and “cholesterol” on PubMed.

Fucoidan (pronounced “foo-COY-don”) (FuCoyDon) is a natural compound that has been extensively researched for its incredible health benefits.

fucoidan cholesterol studies

Sisel’s FuCoyDon uses only Limu Moui derived fucoidan for its extract, one can be assured that they are receiving the most effective form of fucoidan on the market. We cannot make any claims regarding Sisel Fucodyon the Studies above are independent about an ingredient not about our product.


By taking fucoidan, the body is given a powerful ingredient to support its’ battle against the dangers of high cholesterol

[Extracts taken from Tom Mower’s Public Post on December 30, 2013]  []

This information is not intended to treat, prevent or cure any illness. If you are unwell please seek the advise of a health care professional.

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