Revolutionary Technology for Pool Water Treatment … Clean and Safe Iodiserâ„¢ Australia’s BioN Water Synergies Pty Ltd have put more than 10-years research and development into their revolutionary non-chemical Iodiserâ„¢ pool water treatment system that could stop millions suffering potential health problem risks associated with traditionally sanitized recreational swimming pool and spa water. David Cairns, Managing Director, Designer Concrete Coatings Pty Ltd, distributors of the Iodiserâ„¢ said published data from recognized health research institutions around the world have consistently warned of the risk to recreational pool users; and, particularly young children, who may be exposed to allergens or infectious agents in chemically treated pool water. They are more likely to suffer an increased risk of respiratory allergies. “I have young children and as a responsible parent researched alternative non-chemical pool sanitization systems to install in my own swimming pool. The Iodiserâ„¢ demonstrated successful disinfection of a range of harmful micro-organisms including Legionella pneumophilia and is a world leader in stand-alone water treatment technology” The Iodiserâ„¢ is a patented pool water maintenance system that eliminates the use (and cost) of salt-chlorinator cells, chlorine and other algaecide additives to preserve water hygiene and sanitation of spas and domestic swimming pools; and, in home hydrotherapy pool applications. Information published in the Sunday Age Newspaper, 9 January, 2009, issued a public warning listing products containing the herbicide ‘Simazine’, used in Australian pool algaecides, risked cancer and long term health problems in children, despite being banned internationally. “I don’t think that any responsible parent would want to ignore published warnings about health and safety risks to their children” David Cairns said. “We have a fantastic Australian pool water treatment system in the Iodiserâ„¢. Installation results in a sparkling clean and natural freshwater swimming pool that is totally chlorine-free and algaecide-chemical free and free of potentially adverse health outcomes associated with chemical-base sanitizers”. The Iodiserâ„¢ technology truly is a unique and complete water treatment management system. The technology combines copper/silver ionization as a biocide and electro-chemical oxidization that achieves reliable, residual water sanitation without any side effects. This is a user benefit of the Iodiserâ„¢ that cannot be achieved by conventional ionizers or by other methods of disinfection such as ozone or UV. In a public statement issued by the University of Illinois College of Agriculture, Consumer and Environmental Sciences, “All sources of water possess organic matter but in addition, pool water can contain other nitrogen-rich contaminants from swimmers themselves, such as skin tissue, hair and normal sunscreen products”. “When mixed with chemical disinfectants, these ‘organic loading’ elements may become chemically modified and converted into more toxic bacteria agents that could be harmful to health”. A feature of the Iodiserâ„¢ is its ability to continually and safely oxidize ‘organic loading’ within the pool water that otherwise requires regular treatment with the very chemical disinfectants that may risk potential health hazard to swimmers. Installation of the Iodiserâ„¢ pool water management system offers other significant environmental benefits for pool owners too, David Cairns said. “The Iodiserâ„¢ uses minimal power, about the same as a small energy-efficient light bulb. The regular cost of chemical sanitizing agents including chlorine purchases is practically eliminated saving up to 90% of normal monthly/annual pool maintenance and operational expenses” “Also eliminated are salt/chlorine and other chemical vapour pollutants from the pool environment that can damage landscaping foliage and reduce serviceability expectations of protective fence coatings, paving and coping”. “Pool owners will enjoy crystal clear water, softer pool water for swimmer comfort, reduced ‘scale’, infinitesimal contamination risk from harmful bacteria and algae and easier maintenance of water-chemistry balance”. “The Iodiserâ„¢ is easy to install and maintain and its clean and safe operation consistently provides long-term pool water health and swimmer comfort while enhancing the life-span of plastic components in pools and spas”. Public release date: 14 September, 2010. Contact: David Cairns Email: mailto:[email protected]


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