Unarguably getting regular exercise is another key to maintaining health. Regular exercise boosts the body’s immune system and helps achieve a sense of well-being. Resistance exercise is especially important as it enables the body to build muscle which in turn facilitates posture, joint mobility and metabolism.

Ultimately, it is the perfection of the movements and the way in which force is applied that determine not only the benefits of an exercise, but also the level of risk to the body.

Your exercise programme should be designed such that you are able to meet the physical demands of your lifestyle. Movements like squatting, bending, pushing, pulling, rotating and lunging are all movements that we perform on a regular basis to effectively operate in our day to day lives. If our bodies are struggling to cope with these day to day movements and we add regular or irregular exercise then it is highly likely that pain and/or injury will result.

Inherent in the concept of good body mechanics are the inseparable qualities of alignment and muscle balance. Our tendency toward a highly specialised pattern of activity in our work and, or, sport means we must engage in a programme relative to those patterns of activity.

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Last Updated on March 27, 2023 by Katie Sisel Distributor