Three key elements to mental health are nutritional intake, choices of lifestyle and spiritual development.

A lack of essential nutrients can greatly affect the way we think and therefore, our ability to cope with life. If our bodies are properly balanced through nutrition we feel better and think more effectively. For more information on nutrition and the mind we recommend Optimum Nutrition for the Mind

Spending excessive time associating with negative influences such as watching violent movies, watching the news and reading the newspaper can have a negative impact on our psyche. This effect is much greater than we think. The vast majority of information included in the news is negative. To improve mental stability we recommend trying a 30 or 90 mental fast. This ‘mental fast’ involves no watching or listening to negative influences, i.e. no news, no reading newspapers. Instead watch/read/listen to positive, motivational, and inspirational media. This will have a huge impact on your mental state and improve your mood.

Feelings of greed, jealously, anger, and fear string from ignorance of one’s true nature. When we develop spiritually we gain a greater understanding of life and are better equipped to handle life’s challenges. Spiritual knowledge enables us to journey through life like a large ship liner in the open sea. When a storm arises we are barely affected and continue to maintain our course. However, if we neglect our spirit and ignore our true nature, then our journey through life will be much like a small fishing boat lost at sea. Tossed around and moving up and down on the waves of life, drifting in one direction and then the next. To assist with your mental state try our recommendations.

Last Updated on March 27, 2023 by Katie Sisel Distributor