Holding a Vision

How long have I been holding a Vision to build a business with Tom Mower’s products? Great question!

I met Tom Mower Senior when I was 26, I saw him on the stage he was talking about the future of science and breakthroughs in health and aging. This was at the Neways Convention when Neways was at its peak.

In 2004 prevention was not big on the radar. However this has always been a massive focus for me.

Fast forward to 2018, Tom Mower’s visionary words are now turning into reality. Listen to our Facebook Live Discussion to find out how this is now becoming a reality “Can you wake up looking and feeling 20 years younger?”.

What many people think is that age reversal is about looking younger, however the main goal is stop age related disease and illness, if we stop aging we also will not get age related illnesses like Alzheimer’s.

My father was only 54 when he was diagnosed Alzheimer’s. (click here to here the story) . His life was cut short and his illness was aggressive and cruel.

It was a time in my life that was dark, I wasn’t sure if the light would come back. To be honest I found hope in that moment when I heard Tom Mower talk. I knew that in the future we would have the answer to age related diseases. If you would like to hear my Father’s story click here.

A solution was not in reach during my father’s time of illness.

However I feel science is on the verge of cracking the code on the death of aging, and consequently addressing age related diseases.

It seems unbelieve and seems like a joke, however if you start listening to Aubrey De Grey’s talk I think you will quickly change you mind.

The sooner we all get on the same page with Aging and reversing it the better. Scientifically its totally within reach, however many forces are at play.

Political, religious and social implications. If we didn’t grow old and kept our mind, skills and money as we aged how would that change society, more importantly how would it change your life?

Would your mission and goals change?

I have a goal to connect with millions of people and spread the word of hope which will become a certainty, that fantasy is in fact turning into a reality.

Join me on this Mission.



Grant Scott, Tom Mower, and Katie Larking, 2004 Neways Convention Melbourne.


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