How does shampoo work?

How does shampoo work? Does it make your hair growth?
How does shampoo work? Does it make your hair growth?

How does Shampoo work?

Let’s find out, how does shampoo work? We thought we’d grab Tom jr. (the chemist of these ingredients) for another fun week and talk about Exquisite Shampoo and Sapphire shampoo. Plus Encompass 360, what does that do for the inside and for your hair?

What makes hair grow?

“Once your hair has left your scalp it is virtually dead. The hair is generated from the papilla and at that point it needs all the nutrients and the blood flow and everything that is essential for growth. That comes through protein, vitamins minerals.

So we need to have good nutrition and so you know for years women love prenatal vitamins, hair and nails grow longer because of prenatal vitamins and the same is true when you take Sisel Encompass 360.

You have a wide range of very large doses of B vitamins and minerals but also antioxidants because once again antioxidants not are only effective for our skin but overall health and help hair.

Most women dye hair and highlight so is there a difference in our shampoo?

All shampoos have a surfactant system in them and the most harsh shampoos out there which are probably, 90, percent of what you find in the store contain sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS). That has the highest detergency level.

In fact, when I went to the University of Utah I was in college we measured everything against SLS. So when you put that together in a system or a shampoo when you’re looking at something to protect long hair because it becomes drier. Or colored hair because it doesn’t bond a hundred percent over time that will come out you need a surfactant system that won’t break that down and let the hair maintain its natural oils and retain the color.

So if you use shampoos that contain SLS your hair will become drier the oil will be gone the color will not last as long.

So with our SISEL shampoos’, our Sapphire shampoo if you have normal to dry hair or colored hair we recommend the Sapphire Shampoo. This is because the surfactant system (it’s actually a blend of products that has a much less, doesn’t have a high detergency level) is much safer on hair that is dry or treated.

Exquisite Shampoo works on normal hair.

We do not have a real aggressive shampoo so if you really have you know axle grease in your hair then we don’t have a formula for that but normal to slightly oily hair yes we do.

How does shampoo work? Let’s discuss big brand shampoos.

Well, the reality is when you go into a salon and they’ll have this big name that you’ve seen on television you’ve seen it in the magazine. The reality is 75 to 90 percent of all those dollars go into advertising. A very, very small amount is for the actual product.

When you go into the store and you open up a bottle most people look at the packaging and open the bottle and take off the lid and smell it. The feel and touch is what they are concerned about. It is the perception, not the reality of what happens to your actual hair.

Tom Jr says, “This is why we have the 400,000 square foot facility so we can do things different. We can make products. We are concerned number one that. It has to do what we say and because of that, we are making a difference.

SLS is popular in shampoo because it is inexpensive.

Well if you go back 60, 80 years ago SLS was a mainstream inexpensive surfactant. There were not a lot of systems to use or surfactants besides SLS. It is very aggressive it is very effectively used in car soaps when you go to the automatic car wash, dish soaps and engine degreasers but also hair shampoos and body washes have it in it

Because on its own it is inexpensive you could use it in cleaners and everything.

Studies have been done when sodium lauryl sulfate is used in toothpaste it can make the canker sores and ulcers in the mouth take up to five to seven days longer to heal because the healing process, in the skin denatured proteins can’t heal. Our toothpaste is one of the very few that does not have it.

How often should hair be washed?

You know it really depends on the environment that you’re in and the type of hair that you have. Realistically an average office worker who’s not doing a lot and has shorter hair once or twice a week is plenty.

You can overwash hair and by doing so you strip all the oil because the sebaceous gland is where the hair is growing it excreting oil but it is actually keeping the hair from being shiny and healthy. So over washing is not good.

The Sapphire shampoo lasts a long time. Yes, it does last a long time. You only need a little bit and it goes a long way.

How do shampoos work? With shampoos that have harsh ingredients (which is not in Sisel shampoo) like sodium lauryl sulfate when you take something like tears of fragrance, well the name sounds great. Fresh and clean rain forest fragrance it smells wonderful in the shower but there is probably between 40 and 60 ingredients that go into making this fragrance.

Sisel will not allow ingredients into our fragrances that have benzyl or phenyl rings that become potentially carcinogenic.

Pat Garrett is saying with our shampoos he doesn’t have a dandruff problem.

So how do shampoos work? Will shampoo help your hair grow?

Well no, scalp conditioners can, not shampoos. If made properly they can do no harm but they really don’t help much with growth.

We can remove the excess oil and leave a healthy environment for the hair to grow but it takes scalp conditioners that actually can interact with the papilla and the microcirculation and keep the sebaceous gland cleaned out so that the oil can come out to help hair grow.

With the average supermarket variety, 90 cents of every dollar is going to advertising making it cheap. The cap in the bottle would cost more than the formulation.

Some companies put a pinch of a herbal blend to make the claim “we can have 50 different herbal ingredients.” It really doesn’t add any value it sure looks good on the label.”

Tom Mower Jr, CoFounder and Sisel Scientist.

It’s import to do our research on the product and check the ingredients.

Sisel produce a safe, non toxic range of shampoos and conditioners to support healthy, strong, shiny hair.

Last Updated on March 27, 2023 by Katie Sisel Distributor

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