Mower Message – Tom Mower Jr CEO Sisel May 2023

Time moves so fast that it seems just like yesterday when we were setting goals, creating dream boards, charting a path for our business and personal lives for the first of this year. Now we are already in the middle of this year’s second quarter, the seasons are changing, and we’re getting ready for Mower Mountain again–which by the way, will be the largest Mower Mountain we have ever had, with the most attendees.

Tom Mower Jr Sisel - Mower Message

Tom Mower Jr Sisel – Mower Message

This year, we are looking forward to going to a rodeo, having fruitful conversations about leadership, giving inspiring advice to each other, and sharing our success so that we can build upon those qualities that make us a Sisel family.

Today, as I look at our industry and at companies that are trading on the stock exchange from the Direct Selling Industry, I find that some are losing value as their sales decrease. This is a great reminder to us as to why being different in the industry and from our competitors is so important.

Being different leads to success. Being motivated differently leads to success. Doing what others won’t also leads to success. When we measure ourselves against these other companies, it makes me think of everything we do differently here at Sisel, and how solid the pillars are which Sisel is built upon.

These pillars include:

  • Taking advantage of our experienced leadership, starting from the top down.
  • Being debt free and able to project forward without financial restraints.
  • Manufacturing our own products, in our own facility, and to our highest standards.
  • A Family Trust that ensures long term commitment, drive, and invested leadership.
  • Dedication to researching the science that makes our products unique and effective, and bringing them to market.Some of the greatest assets we have in the company are:
  • The moral position which the Mower Mission is built upon.
  • Our amazing, dedicated employees.
  • Products that work because we follow the research.
  • The people in the field that make all the difference and give us a unique edge over our competition.

We celebrate being different from the rest, and the fact that we are becoming an even more successful company with a promising future.

Article taken from the May Edition of the Sisel Scoop Newsletter by Sisel International

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