In 2007 Tom’s previous company created a fabulous range of Colour Cosmetics for Women.

Some companies have discontinued their Colour Cosmetics Range.

Sisel International has a fantastic Colour Cosmetics range better than I have ever used.

Tom Mower has really exceeded the previous range of cosmetics for women he produced. Sisel’s range of cosmetics feels like you are not wearing make-up.

If you are interested in trying Sisel’s make-up range, try it now it’s available in Australia (free to join) please contact me

phone: 0422538801 — Katie — [email protected]

I can’t believe how much excitement Sisel’s Beauty Range of full-colour cosmetics has created; it just goes to show how important having great colour cosmetics is to every woman….

Seriously though, the products have been in huge demand and the feedback from everyone has been amazing — the amount of time I have heard….”It doesn’t feel like I am wearing makeup at all” says it all. This is Soft Blend Technology is fantastic and thanks to Lesiel Mower the new makeup range of Sisel exceeds all expectations.

Last Updated on March 27, 2023 by Katie Sisel Distributor