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Sisel International has been continually working to create unique and effective formulas to support your weight loss goals. Using cutting edge scientific formulas,  Sisel invest heavily in the research and development. Sisel have developed remarkable products that triumph weight loss products in the market.

If you are searching for weight loss products you will find some old and new products that are the perfect accompaniment to your weight loss goals. On this page you will find both new and old products. Some have been discontinued but may still be available. With a catalogue that is always being refreshed and updated, Sisel take the stress out of your diet regime, allowing you to concentrate on enjoying the results.

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Sisel Lean Chocolate

Picture: SiseLean Chocolate

Not just a clever product name, SiseLean is a clever product. Weight management shakes that not only fill in nutritional gaps that often come with dieting but also providing you with a low calorie, delicious shake that fills you up when hunger strikes. This is an exclusive Sisel International formula that has been pioneering in the diet marketplace, with 50 trace minerals combined to help with metabolic rate, energy production, healthy joint development and better oxygen distribution and utilization this is a super diet shake that will help you reach your goals quickly and healthily.

Oh, and did we mention? SiseLean tastes amazing! For full range of flavours click here.


SiseLean Vanilla

Picture: SiseLean Vanilla

An essential part of the Fit & Fabulous Weight Loss System, this creamy vanilla shake contains less than 80 calories per serving! Each delicious shake brings you closer to the hard-body you are sculpting. Fiber makes you feel full and prevents you from flipping into binge mode. Protein fuels lean muscle growth, which is good for your metabolism. Vitamins energize your motor to sustain your weight management focus and discipline. Want to be lean? It begins here.

$102 NZ

SiselRipt Get Sisel Ripped
SiselRipt is a trademarked product that provides a powerful package to achieve your weight loss and muscle growth goals. With the formula using the optimal ratio of essential amino acids for maximum muscle growth and development. Backed by years of proven research and tested actively in clinical trials, SiselRipt gives you the edge over competitors with a formula that is proven to work when you need it most.

Sisel’s 4 Restore
$103 NZ

Sisel’s 4 Restore is the ultimate performance product, with an intensely powerful formula, that allows the body to better absorb oxygen and supports the stimulation of the bodies natural process of  nitric oxide production. With the ability to provide  immune system support, its supports injury recovery as well as energising your brain. Sisel’s 4 Restore is an all-natural supplement. It is the perfect performance enhancement product by supporting muscle tone and healthy circulation.

Ideally used to boost your workouts, supporting the increase of testosterone production. It is the perfect product to accompany your weight loss goals. 4 Restore is an effective way to see better results and help you feel healthier overall.

$48 NZ

UltraMaxx Energy Drink

Picture: UltraMaxxBreakTHRU is now UltraMaxx! We’ve taken nature’s most potent, energy-laden ingredients, and concentrated them into a shot of pick-me-up. This is a supernova of natural energy for every body. F131626-10-12  12PK 3.4 fl oz / 100ml

Sisel Te — Fire ‘N’ Ice
$68 NZ

FireNIce Tubs

Available in Sachets, Tubs coming soon

Sisel FireNIce

A natural, low glycemic, fat burning, energising Iced Tea that is completely diet friendly. Sisel have created this to be so much more than a convenient soda/energy drink replacement.

Developed by Sisel International’s lead researchers in thermogenics, this delicious Iced Tea is balanced to help you feel rejuvenated and maintain a healthy body weight. Its formula will help to turn your body from a fat-storing to a fat-burning machine. There really is a lot of fantastic science that has gone into creating this amazing product, to find out more about its patented ingredients and formulation click here.

Discontinued Products

Below is a list of the discontinued products that may still have limited availability. If you find a discontinued product you like the look of, chances are there is a replacement product with added benefits in the current stock catalogue. Feel free to make any enquiries about the discontinued product range and we will be more than happy to help you in the right direction.

Sisel Green


Sisel Green Pea Protein vegan shake

Picture: Sisel Green Pea Protein Vegan Shake

This plant based energizing supplement has been specially formulated to power your day by boosting your energy levels with nutrients and vitamins. SiselGREEN™ is vegan based, with no gluten or dairy ingredients. Not only will its nutritional formula fuel your daily drive, but it has also been designed to stop cravings by making you feel fuller for a longer period of time, making SiselGREEN™ an excellent meal replacement. With an amazing combination of Garcinia Cambogia and Vegetarian Protein, SiselGREEN™ will affirm muscle tone as it supports the demands of athletic performance. SiselGREEN™ mixes with water, juice or your favorite beverage to make a tasty weight management shake in Vanilla/Caramel flavor.*



Forskolin Sisel Weight Loss

Picture: Forskolin

Sisel’s powerful Forskolin, an all-natural supplement, utilizes the roots of the Coleus forskohlii to help you lose weight. Sisel’s highly concentrated formula harnesses the plant extract to create a product that is a rapid weight loss supporter and body transformation enhancer. It’s Sisel Safe®, contains no sugar, salt, colorings or preservatives. Get your weight loss program on the right track with Sisel® Forskolin.* F136459-10-01  60ct Caps



Transfigure Celluite Treatment

Picture: Transfigure

Diminishes Unsightly Appearance of Cellulite

Transfigure® is a powerful supplement formulation with numerous active ingredients designed to fight the appearance of cellulite. Cellulite is a major skin and beauty issue that affects people worldwide. In addition, Transfigure® provides efficient weight loss support. F128988-10-01  90CT

Green Coffee Bean Extract


Green Coffee Bean Extract

Picture: Green Coffee Bean Extract

Support your body’s thermogenic capabilities with this all-natural supplement. Sisel’s Green Coffee Bean Extract is one of the most powerful weight loss formulations known and has been specifically developed to provide powerful weight loss support.* F136457-10-01  90ct Caps



Accelerator Weight Loss

Picture: Accelerator

Want to feel like you’ve exercised for 20 minutes and are a fat burning machine? Accelerator can help you feel like you are! Jump start your biology for a rapid weight loss program. It’s almost like an exercise session in a bottle! F129455-10-01  60CT Caps

Sisel International takes great pride in the research and scientific development of their products. If you have any questions, about Sisel’s innovative and ground-breaking products, feel free to contact me. I will be happy to assist you wherever possible.

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