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Sisel International has made some fantastic products available to Sisel Australia, you can purchase Sisel products now by simply completing the online order form below. It is completely FREE to join Sisel as a preferred customer, so what are you waiting for?

Sisel International combines the latest scientific research to create unique and patented formulas that enhance health, well being and combat the aging process. Read on to find out more about the innovative dietary supplements Sisel International offers.

Sisel’s AGE Pill

What sets the AGE Pill™ apart from other anti-aging products, into the realm of potential youthful regeneration. Super-nutrients for Stem cell support. Supports removing glycation plaque buildups, removal of toxins and cellular sludge (lipofuscin). Supports increases ATP to increase energy. You could feel like the energizer bunny, and just keep going. Like a 20-year-old!


Fills the gaps found in modern diets by providing an extremely broad spectrum of antioxidants and trace minerals in a single supplement. Contains fulvic acid — essential for many biological functions such as cellular respiration and photosynthesis. 74 essential trace minerals to support biological functions. Contains 40 powerful anti-oxidants from fruit, vegetables, berries and minerals to reduce the oxidative effects of free radicals.*


Fucoidan is a complex sulfate polysaccharide (sugar), a powerful anti-oxidant that demonstrates anti-inflammatory properties and essentially is a water-soluble dietary fiber. Supports:

  • The immune system
  • A healthy digestive tract
  • Healthy blood pressure
  • A healthy liver and circulatory system
  • Sustained energy, focus and clarity
  • A healthy mood.


Science recognizes that free-radicals can set off internal inflammatory cascades and damage DNA which can become chronic, degenerative and increase the aging process. Resveratrol address these issues head-on with its superior free-radical scavenging capabilities and activation of SIRT1. Drink up and enjoy the multiple benefits of Eternity.

  • Supports and activates the anti-aging gene SIRT1.*
  • Boosts metabolism and energy.*
  • Supports a healthy heart.*
  • Assists in combating inflammation.*
  • Supports protection of cellular DNA from corrosive free-radicals.*
  • Helps improve stamina and endurance.


SiselRIPT™ offers a state-of-the-art way for you to grow, repair and maintain muscle mass. Created with long-term muscle health in mind, SiselRIPT™ is designed to support optimal muscle protein synthesis. With more than $20 million in research and 23 human trials, this unique, patented formula is clinically proven to provide superior muscular growth, regeneration, and conditioning.

TSX – Telomere Support Extreme

  • Supports healthy functions of telomeres, which protect the ends of chromosomes.*
  • Supports healthy cognitive functions and brain health.*
  • Promotes healthy function of DNA replication.*
  • Supports cellular health.*
  • Promotes healthy structure and function of organs.*
  • Enhances efforts to fight aging.*
  • May help you feel incredibly younger.*.


SupraOmega Plus is the most comprehensive Omega Fatty-Acid product on the market. It contains Omega-3 and Omega-6, the essential fatty acids our bodies can’t produce. SupraOmega Plus also contains Omega-5, an extremely powerful antioxidant that supports your body’s immunity system and Omega-7, which helps to supports the body to regulate fat and blood sugar levels. Finally, they have added Omega-9, to support the increase metabolism and improve your attitude.


This dynamic supplement increases the amount of Nitric Oxide produced in your body, enhancing your body’s ability to absorb more oxygen and antioxidants. Our all-natural supplement is specially formulated to give you superior workouts, dieting results, and increased testosterone.

Inner Chi

InnerChi is specifically designed to support your body’s fight against symptoms due to aging and hormonal imbalances. InnerChi contains a Daidzein Kudzu extract that provides nutritional support for healthy hair, skin, nails, and eyelashes. It also aids in metabolic syndrome for rapid weight loss support and provides unique benefits for pre and post-menopausal symptoms in women. Red Clover Isoflavones promote healthy hormonal balance reflecting in mood, mind, and body.

Brain Vitality

Enhance your mind with our unique blend of Curcuma Longa and Fenugreek Galactomannans extracts. These supplements, combined with our uniquely powerful proprietary blend provide more nutritional support for the brain than any other product on the market.

  • Enhances Cognitive Thought.*
  • Enhances Nutritional Brain Support.*
  • Supports Stimulation of Brain Cells.*

Balance D

  • Helps to create an ideal environment for probiotics to thrive.*
  • Helps your body absorb Calcium with Vitamin D.*
  • Promotes the removal of excess waste.*
  • Supports the removal of harmful bacteria from your GI tract.*
  • Its fiber content promotes intestinal regularity.*
  • 100% gluten-free.*

Encompass 360

  • Provides the vitamins and minerals necessary to support better health.*
  • The comprehensive blend includes complete vitamin nutrition, 9 essential minerals, and 70 ionic trace minerals.*
  • Antioxidant proprietary blend boosts your defense towards free radicals.*
  • Contains Fulvic Acid.*

Brain Vitality

Enhance your mind with our unique blend of Curcuma Longa and Fenugreek Galactomannans extracts. These supplements, combined with our uniquely powerful proprietary blend provide nutritional support for the brain.

  • Enhances Cognitive Thought.*
  • Enhances Nutritional Brain Support.*
  • Supports Stimulation of Brain Cells.*


  • Supports Enhanced Healthy Joints.*
  • Helps Healthy Skeletal Functions.*
  • Responds to Body Inflammation.*


5 DAY Detox. Remove excess waste and build up. Unclog yourself.

  • Helps support healthy livers & bowels.*
  • Designed to detoxify your body.*
  • Removes mucoid plaque from your body.*
  • Helps eliminate bodily toxins.*
  • Enhances your body’s nutritional supply.*


  • Promotes Cellular Protection.*
  • Encourages Detoxification.*
  • Nutrient Rich.*
  • Encourages Superior Thyroid Support.*
  • Contains Organic Fulvic Acid.*
  • Helps Balance Your Body’s PH.*
  • Potent Source of Antioxidants.*
  • Contains Iodine-Rich Limu Moui and Kelp.*
  • Helps Support Your Immune System.*


SUPERCHARGE your immune system. Avenger contains a powerful blend of immunity supporting, highly concentrated, extremely effective natural extracts which include Lime Extract, Elderberry Extract, Monolaurin Distilled Glycerol, Lotus Leaf 10x Extract, Olive Leaf ‘Oleuropein Extract’, Chaga 10X Concentrate, Cats Claw 10X Extract, Red Root Powder Concentrate, Garlic ‘Allicin’ Extract, and Ashwagandha 4x Extract which provide an unprecedented combination of immunity support!


2 grams of premium protein, 6 grams of fiber and over 50 trace minerals, for improved weight loss management. At only 85 calories a serving and fortified with vitamins A, D, E, B6, and B12, our exclusive formula helps you kill the cravings and focus on what your mind wants—not your stomach.


  • Massive Boost of Broad Spectrum B Vitamins and C*
  • Buffered Caffeine
  • Packed with antioxidants for stronger immunity.*
  • Helps boost metabolic rate.*
  • Contains Chaga, Bacopa & Golu Kola.*
  • Supports healthy glucose levels.*
  • Energy boosting.*
  • Helps support healthy skin.*
  • Supports healthy weight loss goals.*
  • Provides thermogenic support.*

Calcium K2

Calcium is essential for bone and dental health and Sisel International have crafted the Sisel Calcium K2 product to help your body absorb calcium in an efficient manner. Combining Vitamins D3, K2 and Magnesium, this formula has been created with cutting-edge research to make the most efficient calcium absorption product on the market.


InFLUence is a unique product, it has been created by Sisel in line with the Mower Mission to provide customers with a healthy and vigorous immune system. With its unique blend of fortified components, Sisel’s InFLUence energizes and invigorates immune systems using bio-available ingredients. A truly revolutionary supplement.

Vital Vision

Vital Vision combines powerful anti-oxidants botanical extracts to preserve eyesight and protect the eyes from damaging UV light and free radicals. If you want to support your vision, and support healthy eyes, brightly colored pigmentation, and amazing vitality, this supplement is the one for you!

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Supplements Available

We hope you enjoy using our fantastic range of supplements, as mentioned previously, to reap the full benefits of supplementation it is best to buy product packages to get an all-round combative effect.


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