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Proper dental hygiene is necessary for the long-term health of our teeth and gums. SISEL Toothpaste is different from other similar products. It contains no fluoride. Stabilized chlorine dioxide is its active component and it eliminates bad breath and dangerous germs that cause caries. SISEL Toothpaste can remove unwanted stains and odors with its powerful cleaning ingredients. This product is excellent for healthy and beautiful teeth and gums.

Terminator Mouth Rinse is a unique formula which contains stabilized chlorine dioxide, xylitol, and potassium phosphate. It successfully fights microbes, but is gentle on your gums. Terminator doesn’t cover bad breath, it completely wipes it out!

SupraShine® Toothpaste

USD 11.00

Picture: Sisel SupraShine® Toothpaste

Picture: Sisel SupraShine® Toothpaste

Good dental hygiene is essential for the long-term health and appearance of your teeth and gums. The key ingredient in SupraShine is stabilized Cl02 which eliminates mouth odor, and attacks troublesome microbes that promote cavities, gum disease, and odor. Contains calcium hydroxyapatite, the same minerals found in teeth, supporting strength and dental health that lasts.

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Terminator Mouth Rinse


Picture: Sisel Terminator Mouth Rinse

Picture: Sisel Terminator Mouth Rinse

Studies indicate that many mouthwashes may increase the risk of cancer. Terminator contains stabilized Cl02, eliminating mouth odor, is free from potentially harmful ingredients. Uses Xylitol, leaving a protective mantle on teeth to keep bacteria from depositing. Contains calcium hydroxyapatite, supporting dental health that lasts.

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