Fucoidan in Sisel’s Fucoydon how good is it?

Has anyone done a comparison of SISEL’s Fucoydon to other Fucoidan products on the market ? What makes Sisel so good?

Betsy: Off the top of my head, ours is “U,F, and G” (3 major types), and we can super-concentrate it because of the way we manufacture it. It’s a patented machine.

Here is a quote from Tom Mower that I copied into my notes recently: All other brown seaweeds that contain fucoidan are low level concentrations of it, Most are about 0.5% with the highest being Kombu at 3% other than Limu Moui which is much higher. Most are the Fucoidan U variety. Limu Moui contains 16-20%. It also has 3 varieties of U, F & G varieties of fucoidan. Sisel has many patents on it. We concentrate it from Limu Moui to a higher percent, then sulfonate it to where it can be up to 8 times more effective. To say how much is in it is answered by many times more than anything but it is not calculated. With the sulfonization it can be 800% more active on top of that.

A product sold for $800 US for a months supply has 2500 mg of Fucoidan per serve, how does Sisel’s Fucoydon compare?

Stephanie:  isn’t because ours is highly sulfated? making it more potent? What’s more Sisel’s patented process intensifies Limu Moui’s power. Through a process called oversulfation, we maximize FuCoyDon’s sulfur content so you can get the full benefits of Limu Moui.

Curt: Stephanie is right.

Fucoydon - Assists the body in reducing inflammatory benefits

Fucoydon contains an ingredient called Fucoidan

The power of Fucoydon


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