Sisel Lean Shakes

Sisel Lean Shakes. SiseLean is a perfect Meal Replacement to keep SLIM

Sisel Lean Shakes keep you full. SiseLean is one of my favourite products. I love taking this with the AGE Pill.

Single scoop for a meal replacement or try two shakes throughout the day instead of snacking.

In this video I make a double serving to make it extra extra filling.

I take it daily the reasons I LOVE this product it helps me to maintain my weight at my desired weight range. (if you want to lose weight it is a perfect product) because by replacing a meal with SiseLean you are reducing your calorie intake. Your calorie intake must be less than your calorie expenditure if you want to lose weight.

Since I am super busy I love using SiseLean because it is filling when made the way I show in the Video, its loaded full of minerals and vitamins, has a good amount of fibre and tastes awesome.

Siselean Sisel Lean is a meal replacement to assist weight loss

If you add ice to SiseLean you can really make it a lot thicker which makes it more filling. It has two types of protein casein and whey. Casein is considered a “slow” release protein. It is also more filling.

SiseLean is a perfect companion product Sisel’s new AGE Pill.  Sisel Lean Shakes provide you with a meal on the run as well as the bonus of added 50+ trace minerals essential for biological function and key vitamins.

I have also used SiseLean in the lead up to my Fitness competitions to drop body fat and maintain lean muscle mass. I have found this product to be extremely effective, and it tastes awesome. Consuming Sisel Lean Shakes kept me full in the lead up to my competition.  It enabled me to reduce my calorie intake. This made it easy to reach my goal weight (body fat level) for stage.

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Last Updated on March 27, 2023 by Katie Sisel Distributor

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