Sisel LEAN™ | Sisel International | Product Overview

Sisel LEAN™ | Sisel International | Product Overview

16 March 2020. By Katie Larking

Sisel Lean by Sisel International, Product Overview. Tom Mower gives a ten minute talk about what makes Sisel Lean unique and how does it compare to other shakes on the market. This product is packed full of nutrition and the way it has been manufactured is very unique. Tom states that Sisel Lean has active ingredients that have not be denatured unlike other products on the market. How can you use this product to support your weight loss journey? Simply replace one meal a day with Sisel Lean to reduce your daily calorie intake. Of course it is important you don’t eat more than you are and if you are eating only two meals a day then try replacing one with a Sisel Lean.

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