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Tom Mower talks SpectraMaxx

-Transcribed extracts taken from a phone Interview with Tom Mower and Dani Walker-

You know we have almost a hundred different types of minerals that are in every cell of our body and where do we get those?

You don’t create minerals; they come from the soil into the food we eat. Soils are over farmed so much.

What happens in Southern California in the Imperial Valley they grow 5 or 6 crops a year in the same soil. Every time they pull that produce out of the ground out comes all the minerals and they’re never replaced. So do that for a hundred years with 5 or 6 crops a year and how much mineral content do you think is in there? Almost nothing? you’re right!

And there are 74 essential trace minerals and they call them essential that are absolutely necessary for biological processes.

So you have to eat them in the food, they have to go in, and are needed in abundance in all of your cells for these biological processes to happen. And if you don’t have enough, well there are somewhere around about 60 diseases that are contributed to trace mineral deficiency.

So if it’s not in the soil, it’s not in the food, if it’s not in the food, it’s not in our bodies, it’s not in the cells then we are unhealthy. If you’re ready to build a house, and you don’t have the lumber, the nails, the concrete, any of that, how are you going to build a house? Right?

Or if it just comes a little bit at a time how long is it going to take you to build that? And it’s the same with your body. If it comes to a point in the chemical reaction, of those thousands that are going on right now and maybe there’s 30 or 40 steps to make something, a hormone or a protein or something that gets to a certain point and it needs an essential mineral and it’s not there guess what happens? Nothing, it can’t occur. See? Because these are chemical reactions that are taking place.

So we know what they are and there have been plenty of studies on it and there happens to be some big deposits of essential trace minerals on earth and we are literally having those farmed and collected and concentrated and we put them in SpectraMaxx. We also put a lot of the essential vitamins and things, but not synthetics.

Natural vitamins with extracts that we consider are essential for biological activity and we just load that sun of a gun up with it so that when you take half an ounce of that, it gives you virtually all of those entire essential trace minerals and nutrients that food is now 75% deficient in. That’s what the numbers are, they’re about 75% deficient in those essential trace minerals and nutrients than they were about a hundred years ago.

So what does that mean? Well it means you can still get them from food but you’d have to eat 4 plates instead of 1. Other than my mother in law I don’t know anyone that has the ability to do that. So since we can’t eat that much food, then we need to supplement, don’t we? And that’s the key to it. So we will supplement with SpectraMaxx.

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