Stem Cells

Studying Up on Stem Cells

Remember Mr. DNA from Jurassic Park? He had a quote that we’re pretty fond of: “Your blood contains billions of strands of DNA, the building blocks of life!” And if DNA is the building blocks, consider your Stem Cells the workers.

Stem Cell Science

So what makes stem cells unique?

Our stem cells are extremely unique, more than any other type of cell. Unaltered, a single stem cell has the ability to self-replicate and develop into any type of cell needed for all of the different functions in our body. These include becoming specialized cells, such as those that help with muscle function, our blood or the brain. Stem cells the only cells capable of doing this. Additionally, stem cells have the incredible ability to divide almost limitlessly to repair and replenish all our body’s other cells.

As we get older stems cells lose potency

As we get older, certain theories state that stem cells lose their potency and are unable to replicate as often or efficiently. The Stem Cell Theory of Aging suggests that the result of this inability to function properly directly corresponds with why our bodies deteriorate and age the way they do. Without stem cells replicating and replacing old cells, our bodies start to break down.

How does the A.G.E. pill effect stem cells

So how does The A.G.E. Pill fit into all this? If you remember our blogposts on glycation and lipofuscin, our bodies are constantly being filled up with biological waste. This molecular garbage may adversely affect how well our stem cells replicate. The A.G.E. Pill is designed to help support the body’s natural removal of these wastes, potentially allowing our stem cells to work unhindered once more.

The A.G.E. Pill may help our body’s natural stem cell processes, and so much more!  To purchase a bottle or read more about the A.G.E. pill click here.

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