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24 February 2020. Katie Larking

Article post from Facebook by Tom Mower Sisel International President February 20 at 9:05 AM

“Stem-O-lytic is a new Sisel product designed for supporting the body’s natural removal of senescent toxic stem cells through a process known as apoptosis & autophagy.

Stemolytic apoptosis

Stem-O-lytic as a senolytic agent is very-very different, because it contains 8 senolytic apoptosis supporting ingredients.

BUT … as some of you have already guessed, Stem-O-lytic as a senolytic agent is very-very different, because it contains 8 senolytic apoptosis supporting ingredients, instead of just one like is being tested in this article The science of the individual ingredients is compelling but one size senolytic agent does not fit all applications. For this very reason, Sisel has a broad spectrum formulation with 8 different senolytic support ingredients in one blended formulation.

Since testing of a completed formula takes a decade and costs millions or billions of dollars, Sisel says you can look at the individual ingredients in scientific tests but as a formulation collectively Sisel hypothesizes that the sum total of the 8 senolytic agents in Stem-O-lytic may be greater collectively than the total of the components if used independently. Sisel also postulates that Stem-O-lytic will support senolytic apoptosis (senescent stem cells selective suicide) and autophagy (•destruction of damaged or redundant cellular components occurring in vacuoles within the senescent stem cells). in such a vast broad spectrum way, that is may be effective against most, if not all the 220 types of senescent toxic stem cells quite possibly throughout the entire body. Amazingly these senolytic agents do not have any effect on normal cells but are highly effective with toxic senescent stem cells.

You, and most scientists, may not be aware of the enormous value this blend of 8 senolytic ingredients is. For these senescent stem cells exude the very worst kinds of toxins,(in an attempt to attract the immune system to attack and create apoptosis and autophagy. More information will be forthcoming this upcoming week, as Stem-O-lytic will be introduced world-wide this weekend. In Sisel’s vernacular: it should propel you rapidly down the Road to Immortality. Get ready for this fantastic, which Sisel firmly believes is now. the single greatest discovery in human health.

When Stem-O-lytic is combined in usage with The AGE PILL, TSX & H2STIX they become a potential powerhouse of supplemental support:in ending aging, regeneration on a scale like perhaps when you were in your 20’s is our goal. In a sweet short statement Stem-O-lytic and these other Sisel products are hypothesized to provide intense support to biological processes to end aging-grow younger & live much-much longer at a much younger age.

Stem-O-lytic and products designed to fly down the Road to Immortality will be available to order this next week in every country Sisel Nation serves.”

Available to purchase now in the USA and Canada. Mid to late March for Australia and New Zealand.

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