Telomere Length Linked to Fibromyalgia Pain

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Telomere Length Linked to Fibromyalgia Pain

Considered a marker for biological aging linked to increased risk for morbidity and mortality, shortened leukocyte telomere length now has been associated with pain in fibromyalgia, researchers at the University of Michigan have found.

The investigators also found that shortened telomere length was directly related to evoked pain sensitivity and altered brain structure, suggesting that pain may accelerate cellular aging.

Afton L. Hassett, PsyD, research scientist in the Chronic Pain & Fatigue Research Center stated:. “Critically short telomeres put cells at risk for apoptosis and death. This is the first study to show that telomere length is associated with clinical pain alone, as well as experimental pain.

Feeling one’s Biological Age is associated with telomere length

Telomere length has been associated with a variety of age-related illnesses, including cardiovascular disease, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis and several forms of cancer. Sex, race, socioeconomic status and even level of education appear to affect the length of a person’s telomeres, as do behaviors and physical characteristics such as smoking, body mass index, stress and depression. That suggests telomere length is a measure of biological as opposed to chronological age, Dr. Hassett said.
After controlling for age, pain was found to be associated with shorter telomere length. The researchers found a “very high correlation” between telomere length and sensitivity to pain that was statistically significant. “People with the shortest telomere lengths were by far the most sensitive to pain,” Dr. Hassett said.

Brain Size and Function Seriously Affected with shorter telomeres

Neuroimaging found that telomere length also was related to a person’s volume of gray matter. “We found that the fibromyalgia patients with shorter telomeres showed less brain matter volume in pain processing areas of the brain,”

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