The world’s best skin care product Transfusium

The world’s best skin care product Sisel’s Transfusium

Sisel’s Transfusium. Tom Mower Sr. Co-Founder, Product Inventor and President of Sisel International with Leisel Mower Director of Sisel Beauty – Cosmetics and Skin Care, talk about the amazing power of Transfusium.

So what makes Transfusium the world’s most advanced skin care product?

Time to Talk About Transfusium

What Transfusium can do for the long-term look and feel of your skin.

Transfusium is truly the powerhouse product of the skincare line. This remarkable product contains 24 active ingredients — 24 active ingredients that years of studies and research have shown will truly change the landscape of your face. Transfusium’s got a tough job — tackling wrinkles, age spots, fine lines even plumpness, all from just one bottle! And to truly get the best results from this product, it takes a powerful product like Exfolium to effectively prepare your skin.

We’ve discussed Exfolium and all the benefits we receive from this first step in the skincare program. Now we’ll move to Transfusium, the product that does most of the heavy lifting when it comes to repairing and even deferring the issues we face as we age. Everyone ages and as we age, we look for a product that works to not only protect our skin, but turn back the hands of time as well.

Transfusium Before and After Photo Male

Many products promise these things, but few actually deliver. Transfusium’s cocktail of the latest and most effective ingredients that science has to offer, work hard to deliver the results we all expect from our skin care products. Of course what will truly answer the question as to whether Transfusium really works or not? Results! So, with each blog I write on Transfusium, I’ll add a before and after picture of someone who has used Tranfusium and the results they’ve achieved with this amazing product!

One of the very first distributors to try this awesome product was Curt Ficenec. His results shown below were taken after only three weeks of use! How exciting is that? So, join us back here every week as we talk about the best of the best in skincare. A product formulated with the latest science and research, producing results that can only be described as AMAZING — TRANSFUSIUM!

Leisel Mower

By Leisel Mower July 19th, 2016

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