Can I really earn a living working in MLM?

Can I really earn a living working in MLM (Multi Level Marketing)?

If you want to build a long-term residual income, however, you should consider network marketing.

What MLM Offers

A few big direct-selling and MLM pluses: Pretty much anyone can enter the field. You can set your own hours, taking time off to travel or visit the grandkids, if you want. Start-up costs are often minimal. And it can be fun.

MLMs are sometimes erroneously referred to as “pyramid schemes” — companies structured with the intent of defrauding the public.

But pyramid schemes are illegal and the vast majority of their participants lose money. They rely on recruiting new representatives to profit (not product sales), charge reps large upfront fees and convince them to buy large amounts of inventory that is not returnable. Their products generally have little or no actual value.

How much can you make working for a legitimate Multi Level Marketing Company?

The median annual income for direct sales consultants (similar in many ways to Network Marketing) in 2011 was $2,400, according to Amy Robinson, spokesperson for the Direct Selling Association. While that figure may seem shockingly low, it’s important to realize that 89 percent of direct sellers run their businesses part-time; most work under 10 hours a week.

Also, many reps go into direct sales (and MLM) because they want to buy their favorite products at a discount and have fun earning a little extra spending money. Reps often get into the business just to buy items for themselves and have no intention of selling or recruiting. That helps brings down the average earnings figure.

But if you want to earn serious money through MLM (or direct sales), you’ll need to make a sustained effort.

While there’s no formula for determining how many hours you must commit to generate a substantial income, I think that to earn the equivalent of a full-time salary, you have to work full-time. Even then, you must allow time to build your customer base.

“The number of hours you invest in your business will determine how quickly you grow,” said Mary Christensen, author of Be A Direct Selling Superstar. “Every aspiring direct seller (and multi level marketer) should ask this question: ‘Am I prepared to put the time and effort into achieving my goal?’ It’s not enough to want it. You have to be willing to work for it.”

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