Testimonial for the A.G.E. Pill by Tom Mower

The following is a personal testimonial from Tom Mower Sr, President and Co-founder of Sisel International.

The A.G.E. Pill has Significant Impact

AMAZINGLY it seems that subtle changes that are noticed, can have significant impact! This is the case with me in using THE AGE PILL,

1. At first I saw a surprising increase in energy

In a short period of time and now over the past week or two (I have been using the formula for around 3 months) I have seen a noticeable increase in strength and stamina and I mean physical muscular strength and a significant decrease in tiring or fatigue.

2. Jackie Christiansen noticed from a video and my before pictures

How much my skin with its age-related imperfections had changed to where it had a useful flawless appearance.

I was aware my skin had improved but as a man I wasn’t used to taking much interest or attention to it but it definitely had been and I was aware of it I just did not realize how much. Now that Jackie brought it to my attention and posted the photos is really quite overwhelming and to say the least having teenage like skin again at my age is exhilarating.

3. Finally, most of you do not know

A a number of years ago I was in a sporting activity for I was injured in my leg quite seriously. A blood clot developed in the put me on a blood thinner called Xarelto. Unfortunately Xarelto causes bruising and bleeding and I can testify that it did it seriously to me. Anywhere I would bump anything particular in my arms and hands huge dark. bruises formed. Worse they would not go away and Increasing with each and every month bump. So I started wearing gloves and other protective things and it helped but was very inconvenient. I was more careful with my arms but it was distressing to see the amount of bruising and discoloration I had on them that was not going away.

Enter THE AGE PILL. While these other results I mentioned were happening sort of without my thinking or observation the bruising stopped occurring. I was getting more no more new bruises. Shockingly the bruises that had been there for years are now going away and lightening up dramatically.

This product has power beyond belief and is self-evident

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Tom Mower before and after the AGE Pill  - Testimonial for the A.G.E. Pill

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