Tom Mower is more than a Visionary

More than a Visionary that sees an enormous picture. He drives it forward and there no stopping him.

Tom grew up dirt poor — “thank goodness” he says. “No matter where someone is at in life, I have been there. I don’t want to be like the arrogant people who forget their past. I want to remember my past and know that God has blessed me and I believe it’s so I can help others have a much better life!” But Toms greatest blessing is life itself, which hung by a thread in his late 20s when contracted Legionnaires Disease. He lost 80 pounds and was on deaths door.

Tom Mower more than just a Visionary

Tom Mower more than just a Visionary!

Miraculously, he recovered and was able to provide for his family after a year without work. One lesion Tom still carries with him from those dark days is the freedom that comes from being debt —free.
Philosophies By Tom
Tom Mower is respected for his business acumen as well as personal philosophies. Here are seven of Toms most quotable pieces of advice.

  1. The most important distributor in the company is the new distributor.
  2. The worst roads can lead you to the best roads
  3. Time is the biggest commodity we each have. When you trade time for time, you build your future.
  4. If you do something poorly at first, it’s OK. Just do it poorly until you learn to do it well. Don’t stop.
  5. Any time you demonstrate a product, sales go up 400 percent.
  6. No doesn’t mean no. It means “I don’t understand.”
  7. People buy from people they like


[Tom Mower and his Son Tom Mower Jnr Founded Sisel International in 2006]

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