Toxic free Lash Extensions – Sisel’s Maxxmize

I used Lash Extensions for 2 years I fell in love with them.

After a while I was really concerned about how toxic they were, also my own lashes started to disappear and stop growing. I wish I had these two products before I started.

Maxximize and 3D Fibre Lash Extensions. 100% non toxic safe and effective.

Non Toxic Safe Ingredients – Alternative to Lash Extensions

Maxximize > Grow your own lashes up to 3 times thicker, 3 times longer

Sisel is Tom Mower’s new company and continues on the Mower Mission of safe products. Sisel is open for business in Australia.

Toxic free lash extensions Sisel Maxximise

Last Updated on March 27, 2023 by Katie Sisel Distributor