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What happens when you use Toxic Free Products?

A perfect example of how a child’s skin reacts to harmful chemicals, toxic products that contain toxic ingredients used in everyday bathroom and personal care products.

Is it about time you started to enjoy Toxic Free Living?

Sisel Products are Safe.

Sisel Product Review – Enliven Bath and Shower Gel

Before and After using Sisel Safe Products - Toxic Free Living -Eliven Bath and Shower Gel

Before and After using Sisel Safe Products – Toxic Free Living -Eliven Bath and Shower Gel

Enliven Bath & Shower Gel 500ml

Enliven Bath and Shower Gel builds on the success of our original Vitae Spa Bath and Shower Gel with enhanced moisturizing and skin conditioning properties. Plus, it’s in a convenient 500mL size-perfect for the whole family.

If you’re looking to make your home Sisel Safe®, then this is the bath and shower gel for you. Enliven contains no harsh sodium lauryl sulfate, a well-known skin irritant that weakens cell membranes and is found in some shower gels.

Tom Mower’s response regarding products containing harmful chemicals that cause skin reactions like the photo shown above:

Grandfathered in, in 1982 approved without testing. Any product used up until that time was automatically approved and didn’t have to undergo testing because it was just too much for the FDA to do. So many of these are harmful and potentially damaging products for our bodies and organs (including carcinogenic products) were approved. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate is one of the very worst ingredients because it denatures our proteins, destroying tissue and the DNA itself.

About Tom Mower

Tom Mower founder of Sisel International is a renowned scientist and product formulator, holding several patents for break-through discoveries in scientific research for natural medicine and health care product.

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