Toxin Free Mouthwash

Searching for a Toxin Free Mouthwash?

Terminator is a Toxin Free Mouthwash unlike any other oral hygiene product available.

What makes it unique?

Its safe, toxic free, containing no harmful chemicals and is highly effective.

Rather than cover or suppress odor, Terminator actually eliminates the odors that cause bad breath, without strong chemicals or alcohol.

Key ingredients

The key ingredient in Terminator is stabilized chlorine dioxide, which, when used in a mouth rinse, eliminates odor and bad breath.

Another distinctive feature of Sisel’s Terminator is the all-natural sweetener xylitol. Unlike ordinary sweeteners, xylitol does not feed bacteria that cause dental caries or plaque.

When used as part of a complete dental hygiene program, Sisel’s Terminator can help improve your next dental checkup. The cool, minty flavor leaves your breath fresh and inviting.

Terminator Sisel's Toxin Free Mouthwash

Last Updated on March 27, 2023 by Katie Sisel Distributor

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