Unveiling the Wellness Revolution with Sisel International: Discover ETERNITY, FUСOYDON UFG, and SPECTRA MAXX!

All right, welcome to the call. Thanks for joining us today. If you’ve just joined us, we appreciate you taking the time out of your day and getting on the call. Or perhaps you’re watching the recording, we appreciate you watching the recording.

Today, we’ve got some great information to share on the Triangle of Life, which is Sisel’s foundational product lineup. These three products go together really well, and we’re going to get into what the Sisel Triangle of Life is. Also, reminisce a little bit about the history of the company or the previous company that the Mower’s owned, which was NewWays. They had a product range called the Neways Energy Trio. So, let me just bring up my slides, and we’ll get started here. So, just bear with me for a second.

Okay, so yes, today we’re talking about the Triangle of Life. In the previous company, it used to be called the Energy Trio. So, we’re going to touch on that. But before I do, let me just cover the medical disclaimer. The statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. In this presentation, these ingredients are not designed to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure any disease or illness. If you are taking medication or have a pre-existing medical condition or are pregnant, do consult your healthcare provider before taking any supplements.

So, I wanted to bring this slide up first to start off and kick off this presentation. Some of you may remember this product range called the Energy Trio. This was from Tom’s previous company called NewWays, and it was made up of three really popular products. Do you remember Feroxin? I certainly do. It was a brilliant product. It was sort of known as ‘swamp water’ because it was really dark and brown and very rich in all the minerals and colloidal substances that we needed. So, that’s right, it was brilliant. And it was from the Alpine Moors, wasn’t it? It was, yeah. There was a place in America they used to mine it or something and then do what they had to do to make it drinkable. So, yeah. I actually think that was the one that came from somewhere in Australia. I think the Salt Lakes used the maximal solutions product, which was the NewWays products back then. There were some other ones, I think they had it even in Europe. There were some places in Europe they were looking at. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

So, I bought these products. Obviously, these products are discontinued. They were from the previous company. The company was started by the Mower back in 1989, I think it was, so they were around for quite some time. So, that range no longer exists, and that brand no longer exists as well. But I wanted to bring it up because a lot of people are familiar with these products who used to use them in the past, and I often get the question, you know, what is the comparable product today?

So, the Mowers have formulated these products. They’ve formulated, obviously, now the Triangle of Life. How does this compare to these products in the past? Well, if you were to do a comparison, the Energy Trio, which is the Feroxin, Orachel, and Revenol, would be all of those ingredients would be combined into the SpectraMaxx. So, you’ve got in there your 74 trace minerals in the SpectraMaxx. So, that sort of covers off the Feroxin. Orachel is a multivitamin and mineral, so you’ve got minerals and vitamins in the SpectraMaxx drink as well. And then, Revenol was your antioxidant. Do you want to say anything Ian? Yeah, I think from memory, um, we used to take that all the time. I think it was based on a Panthenol product, which was an anthocyanin, which I think it’s derived from pine bark or pine. It was a brilliant product. They had another one that came with it, which was Cascading Revenol. That’s right, Cascading was added to that. And, and, and you’ll find, I think you’re talking about Spectramaxx in these here. The Cascading bit was also included in the SpectraMaxx now. Yes, absolutely. So, the SpectraMaxx would have like the sort of ingredients that were in Revenol and Cascading Revenol combined into the SpectraMaxx liquid. Absolutely. Yeah, these two products are definitely SpectraMaxx and probably SpectraMaxx has been improved to some degree on other parts of it.

So, yes, when we’re talking about the formulation, so fantastic product there. So, if you were curious about that kind of thing. And then, of course, we do go into the Triangle of Life, which is made up of the Sisel International range, which is SpectraMaxx, Eternity, and Fucoidan. So, the Eternity product, again, is your antioxidant drink, but it far exceeds the technology of perhaps the Revenol and the Cascading Revenol in a few ways. One is that it has Resveratrol in it. It’s a Resveratrol drink. Resveratrol is a fairly new, relatively speaking, discovery, and this particular molecule is known to basically act on the Sirt1 gene and help to reduce or induce ROS detoxifying enzymes that eliminate superoxide. So, it plays a central role as a key polyphenol. It’s capable of modulating the SIRT1 expression, and its main effects insert one activation by RSV can produce neural mailability in the hippocampus. That was a reference, a medical reference again. We can’t make claims on the product. We can talk about the ingredients and research done on the ingredients. We can’t specifically make any claims on our products, but you can go away and do the research on the Resveratrol. So, I would invite you that if you’re listening to this call, jump on to a website called pubmed.gov. Basically, if you type into the search bar ‘Resveratrol,’ you’ll see all the studies that come up on this ingredient, and there’s literally, you know, I probably, well over a thousand studies there on all sorts of health challenges that people have been having and how it can act on those. That particular ingredient is really very, very, very powerful.

So, Sisel Eternity, the product that Sisel International makes is highly concentrated. It would actually take approximately 40 bottles of red wine to get the same amount of Resveratrol from a 30 ml serving. It’s designed to make it through the entire digestive process and deliver its particles into the cells that utilize them. So, each half or 3/4 ounce serving is equivalent to about 250 times more available than the encapsulated version of Resveratrol. So, you can buy Resveratrol in encapsulated form. Sisel’s in a liquid form, so what you’ll find is if you hold that under your or hold it in your mouth for a minute, it increases, I guess, the absorption and also the effectiveness of it by multiple times. It also contains potent Chaga, which is from grapeseed and green tea and green coffee bean extracts.

In addition, it contains a potent antioxidant blend of pomegranate, plum, and raspberry concentrates. So, it’s a fantastic supplement and one that you definitely want to add to your regimen. This is one of the products in the Triangle of Life range.

We also have SpectraMaxx on the page, which we briefly touched on earlier. It could essentially replace some of those other products we discussed before. SpectraMaxx contains 74 trace minerals and 40 broad-spectrum whole food antioxidants, addressing all 22 categories of oxidative stress in the body. It’s folate-enriched and includes a multivitamin with B-complex, 400 IU of vitamin D per serving, and zinc.

What’s great about these products is that they’re liquids. People often get overwhelmed with too many tablets. There’s no way I can get my mom to swallow tablets. But if I give her a liquid, like this one, it’s easy. You can add it to some orange juice or drink it as is. It tastes fantastic, and it’s not like swallowing a capsule or anything. The ease of taking these products is definitely an advantage. Additionally, I give all three of these products to my dog. He gets five mls each of these products every day, added to his meat and vegetables. These products can also be used with your pets, even cats. They have many great properties.

Now, Ian do you want to comment on any of these two products before we delve into Fucoydon?

Sure, I was just going to comment on SpectraMaxx. One of the things we talked about before is cascading Revenol. This one has the same principle. It has a cascading effect, which means it can neutralize free radicals right down to the last one. There are about 30 or 40 of them, so we get complete free radical preservation or extermination, if you want to call it that. It’s a phenomenal product.

Okay, now we’re going to jump into Fucoydon. I have a recording from Thomas Mower and Tom Mower Jr. I don’t think many people have heard it. It’s a fantastic recording, about 21 minutes long, so that will take us to the end of the half-hour. After that, I’ll jump back on and share three testimonials with you today about these products to demonstrate their potential for overall health. Let’s now jump into the recording, and I’ll start that.

None of these statements have been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any diseases.

“Hi, everyone! Welcome to “The Deets,” our very first episode where we’re going to be diving into the details of Fucoidan today. This is our very first time recording this. A little bit of background: For me personally, I’ve worked my way up through the company, all the way from maintenance where I was pulling weeds and painting rooms, to the call center where I’ve spoken to many of our current Distributors, and to where I am now, where I’m running all of our operations. So, you know, coming into this, and with the supply chain nowadays, we thought it would be an important task for us to help inform, update, and educate on really what makes our product lineup unique, because they are unique in so many different ways, including the formulation. So, you know, for our very first episode, we thought it would be important to bring our head formulator, my father, Tom Mower Jr. So, Dad, you want to give a little bit about your background?

Well, I think you’ve cleared the first part up, and that is I am your father. So, if things don’t go well, you’ll be pulling weeds again. But, no, it’s great to be on here. You know, the inaugural launch of “The Deets,” getting into the details and getting into the weeds about what makes Sisel different. So, obviously, I’ve been around for quite a while, and I’ve worked my way up through the company over many decades. I went to school and earned my degrees in biology and chemistry, and you know, I’ve been very motivated. Everything starts with a passion, and everything that’s successful has passionate people behind it. We see that in the distributor field, we see it in our own family, and we see it throughout the world. So, it’s great to be here today for your first podcast and talk about some exciting things.

Yeah, you know, and one thing that I’ve really enjoyed growing up with you is, you know, our long drives. We’d go out of state, we’d work, we’d be up on the family ranch and farm, and your education. And it’s one of the things I’ve looked forward to the most growing up is just talking to you and gaining your knowledge and getting a lot of your experience and really internalizing a lot of that. And so, you know, with this, I really want to know, and I think a lot of people want to know, really, do you have a process or what is your process when you come up with a formulation? Or, you know, research? Or what is it that runs through your head or how do you work it through from a concept to a finished product?

A lot of times, it can come from different things, but usually, it’s based upon a need, and fulfilling needs are where success is found, both in helping people with health issues, helping them with financial issues. So, you find a need, and you identify these things throughout life. I’ve seen great products that have not been successful in our company and others because they didn’t really fulfill a need that people are looking for. And then, also, it’s market opportunity. You’ll see studies that come out, and you’ll see that the market’s trending one way or another. Issues become very focused upon. Obviously, the one we just went through was weight loss. Every year, January 1st, weight loss is a great product. So, when I have a process, I’m always open to any idea. All ideas are great, but then I try and fulfill a need in weight loss or hair growth or anti-aging. As I come across dynamic science and putting the puzzle pieces together, then I incorporate that into a product. Hopefully, the price points and the benefits are there, and the success follows once people become passionate about that product.

Okay, so a really quick question, kind of off script: how many formulas or how many products do you think you’ve formulated over the 30-some odd years? I thought you were going to ask me who’s my favorite child. I didn’t want that out there. How many products have I formulated? Well, I can tell you thousands over the years. I’ve had a few hundred that have come to market, but I have had many, many failures. Everything from separations to stability issues, not right for the market at the time, everything from industrial chemicals to animal products to personal care. But one thing about it, even a failure is a learning experience. If the flavor wasn’t right, the timing wasn’t right, or it wasn’t the right fit for the right demographic, we find differences in Japan versus America. So it’s all been a learning process, but I’ve made thousands of products over the years. I know we get in the boardroom, and you literally make all of our minds explode when you start talking about formulas and ingredients and new research, and it’s humbling to be in your presence when you talk about that.

Dad, really, I want to talk about probably our biggest success here at Sisel, which is Fucoidan. You know, spell F-U-C-O-Y-D-O-N. If people are doing their research at home and they want to Google the ingredient, it’s F-U-C-O-I-D-A-N. That was our own little marketing spin on it. So what can you tell us about Fucoidan? What is it, and where can we find it?

Well, it’s found all over the world in brown seaweed, but the very best and the patented product that we have is found only at Sisel. That’s a Sisel-only formulation. Maybe a real quick rundown on the history of Fucoidan. Going back to the 1980s, my father, Tom Mower Senior, he was looking at studies. This was before the internet. I mean, we were writing letters, doing phone calls, and he actually went to China. Some of the anti-aging formulations that were thousands of years old described “angel hair” and how miraculous that was, and they had their own studies on it. But nobody knew what “angel hair” was. It wasn’t until probably 15, 20 years later, doing more research, we realized that’s what seaweed is. They were consuming seaweed. You know how if you look at underwater cameras in the ocean, you see the seaweed growing from the bottom, flowing back and forth? And that really turned out to be it. There were many different products that we found that had different names that were hard to decipher. But one thing about it, the ancients in China said that people were more productive, people lived longer, animals lived longer. And they were meticulous in their studies that they did. Well, probably 20 years ago, we started formulating with this product. Prior to Sisel, to find out more about it, how to make it stable, you know, what’s the best source of this material? There are over 40 different types of brown seaweed, and the science was just coming out about what the active molecule in that was. And that is the Fucoidan molecule found within the seaweed. Since that time, they’ve actually broken that down into different types of Fucoidan and molecules that have small differences between each one. And that’s the beauty of it. We think about thousands of years ago, it was called “Angel’s Hair,” and they just knew that people lived longer consuming it, and they had better health consuming it. Well, as things go further down the road and science gets better, we have better techniques and better methodologies, we can identify the exact molecules and what they do. It’s like CBD that we launched here a couple of years ago. When I got involved with that, it was CBD. Well, now we know there are over a hundred different types of CBD, and we know CBG is great for skin, we know CBN is great for sleep, and we’re starting to determine that the same is true with Fucoidan. So going back 20 years ago and getting all the available science out there in samples, we determined that the one that had the most broad spectrum and the different forms of Fucoidan at that time, which were three, and you’ll see those identified as UF and G. But now there’s about six of those. Tonga had the most pristine waters where it was grown, so we’re not worried about more contaminants in the ocean. But also, it had the biggest variety of those Fucoidan molecules where people could see the greatest effects of that.

Yeah, so a lot of people, I’ve been asked that, especially when I was in the call center, what does the UFG stand for?  So you explained that they’re all important, but what made you think that this was going to be a hit? What really was the true function of this product? Was it longevity, was it overall health? What was the overall intent of Fucoidan?

Well, one thing about Sisel, we’re not just a company that’s looking to go public. I mean, our family business is set up in a dynasty trust for a thousand years, is to go on. If you’re looking for longevity in anything, results are everything. And so, with Fucoidan, what was the big motivation? Or was what science had shown, they had done demographic studies, populations in Japan that left Japan after the 1940s and moved to South America. They had the same genetics, and they found that those who moved away from the traditional diet, consuming brown seaweed, did not live as long or experience the same health benefits as their family who stayed in Japan. And as they narrowed that down, they found out that the brown seaweed they were consuming was the culprit, or should we say, actually, the blessing in disguise that was giving them superior health because it is a Japan. It affects not just one thing in our body, but multiple things. So Fucoidan, why we brought that out is because, and I don’t believe in silver bullets, one thing does everything, but if there was one thing that did more things to benefit the quality of our health and life, it is Fucoidan.

That’s interesting, yeah. And we talk a lot about history and ancients consuming it, but in a lot of ways, especially at our manufacturing, we’ve really modernized the way that we’re able to consume it and extract it. You guys came across some sulfonation studies that they had done. You know, we have a patented process. This isn’t just some generic Fucoidan that you’re going to buy.

The same molecule, right? Well, not the same molecule, but the same plant, exactly: brown seaweed. That’s another fraction, and science is going into that now with Fucoxanthin, so that it’s thermogenic and it actually enhances weight loss. That was a missing piece of the puzzle that I needed for our weight loss product for the last few years. When that came out, that made the perfect complement to make the world’s most effective weight loss product, the Sisel Thin. People are going nuts for it. Literally, we have a hard time keeping it on the shelf because of its sales.

So why do we put it in a juice? Why don’t we put it in a powder, capsule, or cream or some other different delivery method? Surely there are other ways you can consume it. Why do we choose a juice?

We put it in a juice because it keeps it suspended, and it’s quicker to absorb in a juice. Some things I would prefer in a solid form if I’m trying to get them through the digestive system quicker. But that one, because we increase the biological activity with sulfur, it’s in a liquid form. When we consume it, there’s nothing that needs to break down. It can be highly absorbable that way.

We obviously have our triangle of life, right? Our three juices. How does Fucoydon fit into that triangle of life with Eternity and Spectramaxx? I mean, it’s a totally different unique product. How does it stand alone? What makes it unique compared to the other two?

When you’re looking for total health, you’re looking for products that promote longevity, products that protect and remove free radicals from our system. Some studies show up to 97% of diseases are because of free radical damage. And then we’re looking for things that not only protect but also promote longevity and better health. So within these three products, Spectramaxx gives you a wide spectrum of over 40 different antioxidants. It’s an overbuilt product, but it will neutralize more free radicals than anything else out there.

Eternity has Resveratrol in it, and it’s in liquid form because it is highly absorbable in the mouth. It’s highly metabolised in the liver. Liquid is 300% more bioavailable than a solid dose form in Resveratrol. Then, there are the Harvard studies that Dr. Sinclair has shown us with turning on the sirtuin gene, which promotes longevity and more youthful hormones.

Fucoidan is adaptogenic, does many things, and it overlaps in these areas. But it also affects many more organs of our body for total health. There’s so much research being done constantly on it and progressing. It’s amazing that we’re able to stay ahead of the times, especially since you started this over 20 years ago, this project. It’s been through and through our number one seller, our number one product.

I just want to end on this and say I hope everybody listening to this understands how and why I love sitting in the truck driving all over the western United States with my dad because he is so knowledgeable. Tom Jr. is a very knowledgeable person. We’re extremely blessed with his experience here at Sisel. We’re extremely blessed to have his mind and formulations, knowledge, and power. You can see why we are gaining so much ground, especially in this industry, and why our products are so revolutionary. We’re not just looking at ingredients; we’re looking at the research, different delivery methods, and the actual science behind them. There’s so much detail that goes into every single one of our products.

I just want to thank you for coming on to our first episode here. We’re going to have so many more. We’re going to dive into… Okay, great. So that was really informative. I hope you enjoyed that. I just want to finish off with a few testimonials to share with you, and then we’ll close off the call.”

Here we got some testimonials. Such a great range of products, the triangle of life, using them in combination together. This was an older testimonial, but it’s really great. This one’s from a young girl who was three years old. She had been given Fucoydon and SpectraMaxx and really noticed a big improvement in her eczema. So just fantastic results there.

This is a great testimonial on sarcoidosis autoimmune. Jack had fantastic results using SpectraMaxx and Fucoydon. Just some phenomenal results he got, supporting his body.

And then this is the final testimonial I’ve got for you today. This is from Lori Johnson. Her mom had been struggling with rheumatoid arthritis, and her hands were not working to the point where she would ask me… Sorry, where she would ask me to make her bed and open bottles for her. She lives alone and prefers to be independent. I asked her to do one thing, and that was to take the triangle of life consistently every day. Having gone through chemo and breast cancer twice, she was really having trouble remembering her routines. She was really excited that she was able to pour her own glass of wine and said, “Look what I can do.” Just great results. These products make such a difference in people’s lives, and they’re just so important. We’re super passionate about sharing them with others.

Hopefully, you enjoyed that call today, and it was informative for you. Share this call with others, share this with other people in your team, other customers, other Distributors. Let them know, educate them about the power of these products. I want to thank Ian for jumping on the call and assisting me today, and I hope you have a great weekend.

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