What is Metformin?

Metformin is a pharmaceutical drug. Metformin is used to treat:

  • People with type 2 diabetes, when diet and exercise alone cannot sufficiently control the blood sugar levels.

Type 2 diabetes is where insulin production and/or its effects are gradually reduced. Metformin is used particularly in overweight patients.

Metformin belongs to a group of medicines called biguanides, which lower blood sugar levels. It also helps reduce the risk of complications associated with diabetes in overweight adults.

Reference medication fact sheet

Having read this, let’s be clear that Metformin is a pharmaceutical drug and like all drugs it has a list of potential side effects. In addition, it is not completely understood how the drug works.

It is well-known that diabetes type 2 (for many not all) can be controlled through exercise and diet. Sadly, for some people medication is necessary.

Can Metformin Be Used to Reverse Aging?

Can Metformin do more than lower blood sugar? A study is underway to find out if Metformin can slow or reverse aging.

Metformin for anti-aging

The FDA has approved a study that will determine if Metformin can do more than lower blood sugar-it will evaluate Metformin’s ability to slow aging. This is the first ever anti-aging study approved by the FDA.

The study, called Targeting Aging with Metformin (TAME), will evaluate 3,000 people over a course of six years. Half of the participants will receive Metformin, and the other half will receive a placebo. Since aging is largely characterized by the development of disease, the success of the study will be determined by whether or not the drug delays the onset of typical diseases, such as cardiovascular disease, cancer, cognitive decline and other age-related diseases.

Aging has many theories and it is important to point out that aging occurs due to the following:

  • Degeneration – You are losing cells faster than producing new ones.
  • Decay – Cells dying and not being replaced.
  • Cellular waste – Cell waste and toxins build up as you age.

Based on the Metformin research so far, you need to ask yourself does Metformin address the above 3 points?

Anti-aging doctors using Metformin

People are searching for Metformin dosage for anti-aging. Some Anti-aging doctors, have recommended a low dosage for non-diabetics who are seeking to obtain Metformin’s other benefits such as enhancing insulin sensitivity and reducing excess levels of insulin, glucose, cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood.

If you use or are considering using Metformin, it must be prescribed by a physician. It should also be noted the long list of potential side effects. Like all medicines, Metformin can cause side effects, common symptoms occur in more than 1 in 10 users. Reference medication fact sheet.

These include: upset stomach, nausea, and vomiting. Furthermore, symptoms of lactic acidosis can also occur. This can be fatal when caused by a drug interaction, according to a report by Drugwatch. Lactic acidosis symptoms include nausea, severe low blood sugar, stomach pain, and irregular heartbeat. If experiencing any of these symptoms, seek medical help immediately.

Ask yourself, if it can potentially cause all these side effects would you want to take it for anti-aging effects? Age reversal is about feeling and looking younger. Feeling good and looking good like you did in your youth!

Metformin and longevity

The media has caught on to the potential longevity effects of Metformin thanks to the FDA Metformin anti-aging trial. Eye catching headlines around the world proclaiming:

“New Anti-Aging Drug Could Extend Human Life Span to 120 Years”

Firstly, let’s be aware that Metformin is not a new drug. It was approved in England in 1957. Made available to type II diabetics around the world shortly after. It took the FDA a staggering 37 years to approve it in the United States. Also, there is a long list of potential side effects as noted previously in this article.

What is Metformin. Can it be used for Anti Aging?

Why get excited about anti-aging?

The National Geographic documentary Breakthrough: The Age of Ageing, Dr. Jay Olshansky, of the University of Illinois Chicago, said: “If we can slow ageing in humans, even by just a little bit it would be monumental. People could be older, and feel young. Reference

Anti Aging – What else can you do to feel young?

It is highly recommended to focus of natural alternatives to fight aging. The following lifestyle factors are known to slow aging rather than accelerate aging:

  • Healthy Diet
  • Exercise
  • Managing Stress
  • Adequate Sleep
  • Avoid Smoking
  • Minimize Alcohol consumption

Wouldn’t you love to feel and look younger than your years.

Finally why not consider adding natural supplementation to your regime?

There are other options. Non-prescription, natural anti-aging supplements. The AGE Pill has enormous anti-aging benefits according to product users. There are dozens of testimonials and reviews. This is something worth considering. Click here to find out more about the AGE Pill.

Feel Young Look Young

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