What is SISEL?

What is Sisel?

Sisel International was founded in 2006 by Tom Mower, Sr. and his son, Tom Mower, Jr. They based their company’s operating philosophy on the Mower Mission, a simple corporate philosophy that stated that they would never produce any product with chemicals or toxins and that everything they did produce would be all natural and good for the body. They also defined what Sisel stood for:


S — Science: Each and every product produced by the Mowers is based upon solid science. That’s why we always say, “Trust Sisel, trust the science.”


I — Innovation: Every product we formulate has to be innovative. We don’t dwell in the past, but have committed our R&D to making products that will improve the future of all people.

SuccessS — Success: We have designed and implemented one of the best compensation plans ever known in the history of direct sales. We firmly believe that we will provide our Distributors with everything they need to become incredibly successful financially.

EnergyE — Energy: Our compensation plan combined with our amazing science-based products work together to produce the energetic inertia required to propel our products and people to the top of the MLM business.


L — Longevity: We strongly believe in longevity — both in our products and in our people. We have formulated some of the very best products that will work to keep consumers feeling younger, longer. We also strive to continually update our product lines so that the Sisel name is always at the cutting-edge of innovation and formulation.

When you put it all together, you have a company positioned for the future, based on science with unlimited earning possibilities.

What Is Sisel?

What Is Sisel?

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