Tom Mower Snr Co-founder and President, Sisel International

All My Experience has led up to this moment, which benefits you

I’ve spent more than four decades building businesses. I have taken entities from messes to millions, and I have moved others from dollar bills to billion-dollar status.

But business success can not only be described with digits. It has more to do with improved happiness, health and quality of life.

My personal mantra is to marry science with human needs and do it with top quality products and top quality people like yourself. Sisel has helped thousands across the globe reach their potential and then set even bigger goals. And now with Sisel Kaffe, we have an entirely new ground floor opportunity to bring people what I strongly believe is the healthiest, best-tasting, vastly superior version of the beverage they already drink.

"They said we couldn't make coffee better, they were wrong." Tom Mower Snr Co-founder and President, Sisel International

“They said we couldn’t make coffee better, they were wrong.” Tom Mower Snr Co-founder and President, Sisel International

As you turn the pages of Ground Opportunity magazine, you will learn about our unmatchable product line. You will meet the distributors who are taking the good news to the world and smiling all the way to the bank as they gather like minded people and celebrate the simplicity of the business model and the residual benefits.

Life is a series of choices, and you have one at you fingertips. Literally. Whether you are looking for quality products or legacy income. Sisel Kaffe can be your new home and your new purpose. Together we can take our enormously powerful quality products around the world and to every home.

But for today, let’s start with you. And then the people you know and care about. And then those with whom you will meet and develop relationships. Imagine the positive changes we can creates as we help the human family improve health, wellness and personal economy – all while sipping the best tasting cup of coffee in the world. I look forward to sitting across the table from you as we spread our vision for Sisel Kaffe.

Tom Mower Snr. 

Co-Founder and President 

Sisel International

ARTICLE SOURCE: Ground Opportunity Magazine 2014, p4

Note: Tom Mower Snr is Touring Australia beginning on the 12th Feb in Sydney, 13th Feb Melbourne, 15th Feb Adelaide, 16th Feb Perth, 20th Feb Gold Coast for more information go to

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