2024 Sisel Weight Loss Contest

2024 SISEL Weight Loss Contest

As the sun rises on this new year, so too does the opportunity for a brighter, healthier you. Join us in the “Rise to the Challenge: 2024 Weight Loss Contest,” a transformative journey that goes beyond numbers on a scale—it’s about rising to your full potential, radiating vitality, and elevating every aspect of your well-being.

This challenge is your personal sunrise, a chance to break free from old habits and ascend to new heights of fitness and self-discovery. Rise with the support of a community ready to cheer you on, fitness products to help you succeed, and a commitment to fostering positive habits that will endure.

Let your determination be the first light of the day, and together, let’s rise above challenges, rise to our goals, and rise into the best versions of ourselves. Are you prepared to let your wellness journey be a testament to your inner strength and resilience? The sun has risen—it’s time for you to rise too!

This year, you have the option to compete in one, two, or all three of the challenge categories: Fitness Sales, Weight Loss, and SiseLEAN Recipes.

Fitness Sales. During this challenge you will receive points for fitness products purchased by your personally sponsored downline. Points will be increased for products purchased by new enrollments as well as fitness product packs. To compete each month, you must generate a minimum of 1,000 points and personally purchase at least 200 OV. You’ll be competing for a monthly prize, as well as the grand prize.

Weight Loss. Gather your five closest friends and form a dynamic weight-loss team! As the Coach, entering your
Team into the competition is a breeze: Simply reach out to Customer Service via phone or email. You should provide
essential details such as the team name, your own name, I.D. number, starting weight, as well as the names,
I.D. numbers, and starting weights of every Team Member.

Subsequently, the Coach will be responsible for tracking the pounds lost by each Group Member, including their own progress. At the conclusion of each month, these results can be communicated to Customer Service via a call: (801) 704-6700 or email: [email protected]

Each participant is required to log their initial weight and invest in a minimum of 50 OV from fitness products during each month of the contest. Monthly, we’ll closely monitor both individual and team progress to ensure everyone is actively participating in both weight loss and purchases. Every month we’ll acknowledge the top-performing team and distribute enticing prizes as a reward for your dedication!

SiseLEAN Recipes. Calling all health-conscious food enthusiasts! For this delicious challenge, you will submit your
most delectable and innovative recipes featuring the incredible SiseLEAN for a chance to win fantastic prizes! Whether
you concoct a mouthwatering smoothie, a savory dish, or a guilt-free dessert, we want to savor your creativity. Not only do you stand to win an exciting reward, but your delicious  masterpiece could also earn a coveted spot in our exclusive SiseLEAN Recipe Book! Don’t miss this opportunity to showcase your skills, embrace a healthy lifestyle, and join us in the
joy of nutritious, delicious living. Let your crafting skill shine, and who knows, your recipe might just become a favorite among the Sisel community!

Sisel Products Points Order

Sisel Products Points Order

You can compete in one, two or all three different categories:

• Fitness Sales • Weight Loss • SiseLEAN Recipes

Contest runs from January 1st to April 30th

Fitness Sales Competition

This part of the competition will be based on the amount of certain products (list shown below) purchased from your 1st level personally sponsored downline.

• Points will be increased for new enrollments’ first initial order with volume and must be
shipped to the address of the account holder.
• Points will be increased for fitness product packs. (Listed below)
• In order to have points from current month count towards overall competition you must
have a minimum of 1000 points during that month.
• Must personally purchase 200+ OV to qualify each month.

Fitness Sales Competition Winners! ($25,200 Total Value)
• 1st place ($7,500 Value)
• 4-night stay at the Mower family cabin in the Rocky Mountains of Utah ($6,000 Value)
• Tour through SupraNaturals state-of-the-art manufacturing plant
• Paid travel expenses to Utah/SLC for winner plus one (up to $1,500 total)
• Winner may bring up to 15 guests at their own expense
• Food and transportation during stay will not be included
• Activities during stay will be recommended but not provided
• Blackout dates may apply
• Transportation not provided for additional guests
• 2nd place $2,500 Cash Prize
• 3rd place $1,000 Cash Prize

International Market Grand Prize ($10,200 Total Value)

  • 1st place winners in each International market (AU/NZ, EU/UK, JPN) will win an all-expense paid trip to Utah during Mower Mountain 2024! * Winners and their plus ones will enjoy a room at the Marriott Hotel in Provo, travel reimbursement, and event ticket refund. ($3,400 Value)

    o Travel expenses are paid up to $1,000 per person (maximum of 2 people).
    o Travel expenses do not include food, entertainment, or lodging.
    o Travel expenses do not include transportation during event.

    • Monthly Market Winner $250 (US/CA, AU/NZ, EU/UK, JPN) Weight Loss Competition

    • Invite five of your closest friends and create a team to lose weight and win up to $13,300 in products.

    • Every participant must enter their starting weight and purchase at least 50 OV from fitness products each month during the competition.

    • After entry, every month, Sisel will track you and your team to make sure they are purchasing and losing weight.

  • If an individual fails to purchase 50 OV from fitness products during a month, a participant forfeit will occur, and the person’s weight loss results will be excluded from the team’s results for that month and towards the duration of the challenge. If the team allows, that person can jump back into the challenge the following month.

    • Coaches can create more than one team simultaneously during the competition.

How to Enter

The contest starts January 1st, but teams have until January 16th to register in time to compete during January. Teams can register after the 16th but will only qualify for the following month. To enter a team into the competition: the Coach will call or email Customer Service and provide a team name, their name, I.D. number, starting weight, and the names,
I.D. numbers, and starting weights of each Team Member. From there, the Coach will track each Team Member’s progress in pounds lost (including their own) and call/email these results to Customer Service at the end of each month! Every month we will release a leaderboard with prizes to the team that lost the most weight!

Weight Loss Competition Winners ($13,300 Total Value)

Final Winner

1st place Team (up to $12,000 Value)
• $1,750 Product Voucher for every Team Member and Team Coach
Monthly Winner
1st place Team (up to $700 Value)
• $200 Product Voucher for Team Coach
• $100 Product Voucher for each Team Member

Terms & Conditions:
• You must be a Preferred Customer or Distributor with an active I.D. number.
• You must purchase 50 OV every month or you will automatically be forfeited for that specific month.
• You may be able to qualify again at the start of the next month.
• Only 6 participants allowed on each Weight Loss Team.
• Vouchers expire 60 days after being awarded.
• Only one Team Coach per group.
• New members or new teams must be added before the 15th of every month.
• $13,300 value in prizes is split between group participants.
• You must purchase 50 OV monthly.
• The 50 OV must be shipped to the address on file.
• You may not “swap” out Team Members.

SiseLEAN Recipes Competition

From baked goods and desserts, to drinks hot or cold, we know you have them and love them. Here is your chance to share with everyone and wina prize! For this portion of the competition, we ask that you submit your favorite SiseLEAN recipes during the month of January. Chocolate and/or Vanilla will be accepted. Send your recipes in with a list of all ingredients with accurate measurements along with clear step-by-step directions.

How to Submit Recipes:
Submit through mail, email, social media, text, or fax.

Sisel International
PO Box 369
Springville UT, 84663
Email: [email protected]

Tag Corporate Social Media Account:
• Instagram: @siselcorporate
• Facebook: Sisel International
• YouTube: @siselintl / Sisel International
Text: +1 (385) 327-7571
Fax: +1 (801) 409-8079 (make sure that your fax goes through)
Recipes will be judged by a corporate panel based off creativity,
clarity, and ease of understanding.

• One-of-a-kind concept Clarity
• Step-by-step instructions
• Ingredients
• Measurements

Ease of Understanding

  • Clear and easy to read
  • Any clarifications (if necessary)
  • SiseLEAN Recipes Competition Winners!  ($1,500 Value)

    Top 20 Recipes:

  • Featured in SiseLEAN Recipe Book
  • Receive a FREE Recipe Book
  • Receive a FREE Sisel Portable Blender

    Other Featured Recipes:
    • Receive a FREE SiseLEAN Recipe Book

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