Anti Aging Skin Care Products that Really Work

Anti Aging Skin Care Products that Really Work

13 June 2020 by Katie Larking

Everyone wants to know about Anti Aging Skin Care Products that Really Work. Even when you do find someone that says their products really work you wonder if they are fibbing. Well I think many may initially appear to work but long term they will fail to maintain youthful looking skin.

Anti Aging Skin Care Products that Really Work

Anti Aging Skin Care Products that Really Work

Potentially harmful ingredients that counteract the beneficial ingredients

After doing some research I found that many top brands contain potentially  harmful ingredients. To put good ingredients with bad ingredients doesnt make sense as it only negates the benefits and effects of the product. Common ingredients found in top selling anti aging skin products include Propylene Glycol and PEGs.

Propylene Glycol is used in antifreeze. Gaseous hydrocarbons which in a liquid state act as “surfactant”. They penetrate the skin so quickly and can weaken the protein and and cellular structure. “According to the Material Safety Data Sheet on propylene glycol, the chemical is a strong skin irritant, and has been implicated in contact dermatitis. The sheet goes on to warn that the ingredient can inhibit skin cell growth and damage cell membranes, causing rashes, dry skin, and surface damage.”

PEGs may contain potential toxic impurities such as ethylene oxide and the cancer causing 1,4-dioxane. Read more about anti aging skin care products containing potential toxins.

Ingredients are not in a therapeutic dose

Most don’t have enough of the active the ingredients to be beneficial. For an ingredient to work it must be in a therapeutic dose.

Tom Mower Sr refers to the common practice of Fairy Dusting. That is where companies only put a small amount of an active ingredient in the product so they can list it on the label. Just enough to say it is in there but not enough to have a beneficial effect. To give you an example. It is like only taking 1/8 of a dose of a medicine given by your doctor then expecting it will work!

Not enough active ingredients

Also the other factor that stops many anti aging skin products from getting good results is that they only have 1, 2 or 3 active ingredients. It takes many ingredients to get a really overall good effect as different ingredients perform different functions. Some ingredients are used for firming, others for plumping, and others for smoothing the appearance of fine lines. So it makes sense that an Anti Aging Skin Care Products that really work would use lots of active ingredients, like Sisel Transfusium. Sisel Transfusium has 24 active ingredients and no potentially harmful ingredients like most other products. Transfusium results are amazing.

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